Thank you for coming over to Sandy's!   Once you read her letters, you'll be glad you spent time with Sandy!  Please get yourself a mug of coffee or a cup of your favourite tea and browse through articles and messages that Sandy has prepared for you to encourage and inspire you in your home,  in your marriage, and in your  walk with the LORD.   I think you'll really appreciate her loving approach.  May the LORD bless you as you read.

        Sandy's Newest Message:   Mastering The Basics in 21 Days

Swirl the Good Around

A Culinary Scrapbook

Homemaking In Him

Today is a New Day

Thoughts among the Rambling Roses!
Homemade Scrapbook   

Catching Up with Christ    

Christian Hospitality
Gracious Home Gatherings         


Letter to My Children
Fulfill Your Ministry
A “Mary” Christmas

A Time to Every Purpose
Serving Our Husbands First

Do or Dwell

For This Purpose - routines

Preparing from the Pantry
A Family Well Loved

Missing in Action
Summer Sharing
Routines and the Proverbs 31 Woman

Done In Love
Keeper of the Home  

A Gracious Home Life  

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 more of Sandy's thoughts

  Where No Evil Dwells 
  Because You Use My Name

  Daily Solace  
  Sacred Writings 
  Ladies, Lets not Judge 

  Wednesday Morning Family Prayer
  A Path of Passion

A Wife’s Journal of Prayer for Her Husband
Our Husband's Place In Our Lives

Nutmeg Notes  from Sandy's Kitchen

you'll be looking forward to chilly weather
and Christmastime when you read these letters!

2004-2005 Recipes :)    A Warm Kitchen    Breakfast Table   
Animal Crackers and Cocoa to Drink   Home Held Hospitality

A Little Bit of Everything Message
on Homemaking
Keeping A Kitchen 
Old Fashioned Homemaking
Keeper of the Home 
Vintage Dishwashing 

Cast Iron Cooking
Tabletop Dining

Home Notes 
Summertime Home Notes 
A Simple Heart, A Simple Home 

Journey of Cooking - One
Journey of Cooking - Two

Peppermint Cocoa - scroll to to end of her Christmas letter for this fun recipe!
Merry Christmas 2004

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