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Bible Study & Quiet Time

A Bible...
I use the King James Version of the Bible exclusively, so my suggestions and the Bible references on our site will be in the KJV.  One of the best tools to have is a good study Bible.  I use two: my KJV Scofield Study Bible and my Hebrew/Greek Key study Bible  (It contains Strong's, Dictionary,Concordance, Lexical aids, Footnotes, and commentary by Spiros Zodhiates).    Both can be purchased from Christian Book Distributors---the best source for Bibles, study aids & Christian materials.
(NOTE!!! I don't recommend the Scofield for the theology---I just like the Bible.  Scofield was a dispensationalist...)


Quiet Time
For the


Take time to pray...

As we continue to consider this discipline of prayer and Bible study, early rising always seems to bring such reaction, or it becomes such a high place. 

The thing I have come to understand is that there is not a prescribed time to rise and there isn’t a single correct way. But, we sure have ample reason to do it. It is a high place or an idol when we try to do it because another woman does... or if we determine to get up at 4:51 AM because another woman does. 

Rather, it's a matter of the heart devoted to giving the LORD the very first portion of the day....before visiting, before food, before busy-ness.

It seems to me that early is the time you set to get up and pray before your family wakes. It is an outward expression and a discipline of the flesh and the will to give up what we love (snuggling in a soft cozy warm bed) to do what we ought: worship our First Love.

We have no references in the Word (that I can find) for wisdom or value in staying up late and waking up late and never once for neglecting our worship of the LORD. But there are numerous references to early worship of the LORD, early rising, prayer, praise & watching daily at His gates.

Do you wonder how to do this??
A beautiful message from Sandy will help you get started & be well grounded as you learn the discipline of a meaningful Quiet Time.  I pray you'll be blessed.
Quiet Time Helps

The most important  "tool"
for daily Bible Study is PRAYER
Daily early prayer time: time in the Word reading systematically and reflecting on the passage you're studying
is the best
investment you'll ever make.  
 mine looks like this
Then, a journal... yes! a blank journal that you fill in!  You can write out your prayers to the LORD in your daily "quiet time" and you can record the "ways of the LORD" in your life!  Add that to a program of daily Bible memory, and you are on your way to being a serious student of the Word. 
Write your requests, date them; and then don't forget to record His answers in your notebook. Stationery stores, Costco, Staples and others sell beautiful fabric covered books for journaling.  OR make your own from your own notebook and fabric and embellishments!

        Here are some things

I just share

that have been helpful to me.

Do The Next Thing
a poem quoted by Elisabeth Elliot

Another "tool" that I really like and use daily is the Bible program I have on my computer... two, actually.  The first is called Power Bible (my favourite) and the second is Online Bible
(this is the one my husband prefers!). 
Both are so loaded with wonderful materials.  Space does not allow me to list all the materials contained in those programs, but, in essence they are a complete library of Bible materials on CD that are downloaded onto  your computer---anything from more than a dozen translations of the Word,
full commentary by over a dozen men, dictionaries, cross references, lexical aids, sermon notes,  topical notes, search tools  & "tons" more!

NO Time?

The computer
 will be there
call back
 if it's that important


One of the ways I have found to spend quality prayer time is to have this "quiet time"  before the family arises early in the morning.  I have a special rocking chair by a little table... I light a candle  that gives the room a wonderful scent to remind me to be a fragrant offering or a sweet smelling savor to the LORD  (Ephesians 5.2).   You can develop quiet time with the LORD each day!   I'm not into new age aroma therapy techniques... I just know that the beautiful aroma is delightful and I look forward to the delightful time each day I spend with the LORD.    So, here's a start:
You'll be amazed at how beautiful fragrance filling the air is such a blessing during quiet time...

Some ladies prefer a "simmer pot" and so that's an idea you might like, too!  Fill it with floating candles, potpourri or scented disc.

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It is difficult---but as we do it more and more, and our love and adoration of our God and Saviour the Lord Jesus grows, we will seek to meet and please Him more and more and early morning time *before* the family awakens will grow sweeter and sweeter. Someone advised and reminded me a long time ago that I never ever missed a date with my husband, Wes no matter how early the date was and no matter how late I had stayed up the night before. Nothing deterred me from that love...I never missed a moment. I remember that advice well... maybe you remember your love for your husband and how you never missed a time with him... that's how it can be for you again with the LORD.  He's never stopped coming to that special place to be with you for your quiet time with Him...