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As we continue looking at this portion of our verse: that younger women are to be taught to... be keepers at home, we see that there must be something to this 'keeping a home' for it to warrant teaching or knowledge of skills to do the keeping. This home-keeping, something that needs to be studied, or which requires skill, must also be pretty important or noteworthy for it to be contained in the list of imperatives in the Word concerning women.  I will add that this 'home-keeping' be done well because it does not stand alone, it is in the verse which concludes: that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

Everything we do must be measured against the standard of God's Word.  Nothing is worth anything if it does not measure up to the Word of God.  That's convicting.  That's tough teaching---but that's the Word---God's Word to us.

So, the home is a shelter, a place of worship and prayer, a place of refuge, a place of forgiveness and forgetfulness, a place of refreshment, a place where skills are taught and where they're learned, and a place of hospitality.  It is all of these and more.

I will suggest that the home is a place of harmony.  A place where lives are blended in order that a whole may be formed.  Two come together as one---a whole is formed.  A child is added to the whole and it is made more complete---perhaps another or many others are added in order that that whole might be made more complete.  Whatever the case, the home is where harmony and oneness are learned; it is where communication and cooperation are learned; it is where acceptance and rejection are learned and handled. The home is where relationships are modeled and worked out.  The home must be a safe place for all these things to be nurtured or understood.  All of these facets of human relationships will be learned somewhere---a nurturing Christian home will help all of these develop healthily. 

The keeper at home has a tremendous responsibility to make sure that the home is all of these, that in addition to these, it is also a place of work, creativity, industry, health, basic education and training for the desire for life-long learning.  When the home is seen in proper perspective--- in line with the Word of God, it is a dynamic place---a place that's so full of life that it's naturally growing and incorporating and encouraging each member, friend, or guest, and the model is Christ-like.  That's our whole hope---our whole hearts' desire: that we may be like Him.  Our homes should reflect that desire---they should radiate that hope or that tone. 


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What is a home?


A home is a haven,

And a place of rest,

A sanctuary

Where love and acceptance

Go hand and hand

With the teachings of Christ,

Where He is invited

To dwell by His Spirit,

And rule as rightful Head.

A home is the solid

Earthly foundation

For God’s Word

To be lived out daily

In even the small things.

Home is a place of worship,

Where true expressions

Of faith and love for God

Can be expressed

In the most intimate

Of relationships,

The family.

A home is a blessing

From the Lord.

May you find

The peace and love

Of God in your home.


Glenys Robyn Hicks  1996


“ ..He blesses the habitation of the just.’
Proverbs 3:33