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Have you been looking for puzzles, word games, mazes and other educational games for your children? Have you been wondering about rules, equipment, or how to set up favourite Kids Games?  Well, we have several ideas for you!

I was wondering about the dimensions of a "four-square" game so that I could paint the game squares on the driveway.  And I wondered about the circumference of the tether-ball ring and  how tall should the pole  be? Happily I came across this site:  This site offers so many games that we cannot even begin to list them all!

And here's another one to help you teach your children games you used to play
when you were a child.

Christian Kids games
Word search, colouring pages, mazes and other games

Christian Kids' Games and more


Physical Fitness for Kids

Older kids' online games

Online and printable educational games for children of all ages---
pre-school through high school!

DISCLAIMER:  This is not an endorsement of everything
on all these sites. Use good judgment!