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dress will be edifying and helpful to you as you choose clothing honouring the Lord.
As a Christian woman, you're showing the watching world a bit of who Jesus is.

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In like manner also, that women adorn
themselves in modest apparel, with
shamefacedness and sobriety; not with
broided hair, or gold or pearls, or costly array; but (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works. 
1 Timothy 2.9-10

There really are LOTS AND LOTS of alternatives to what the common retail stores are offering.  SOMETIMES you simply have to look around a bit to locate the best dresses for yourself and your family.  It's NOT that hard and it's surely WORTH it to find, make or order dresses for yourself & your daughters. 

The What & Why
of Modesty

Feminine Apparel

What is Modesty and why is it so important for the Christian woman to understand, dress & behave modestly?   Modesty is the voluntary personal responsibility to behave & dress in such a manner as to not purposely draw attention to oneself, to not think proudly of oneself and it's a decision to protect from purposeful or "unintended" enticement in inappropriate ways & places.  This is crucial for a Christian woman; first and foremost because we're representatives of the LORD Jesus Christ and secondly, if we're married, we're a reflection of our husband. 

It's critical to pay attention to the message and the signal our clothing is sending and to make sure, very sure, that the message our attire is giving is in line with the Word of God.    If style & type of clothing is something you're wrestling over in your mind, or if you're feeling convicted about dress, and what in this world should a Christian woman be wearing, then pray, discuss these things with your husband or, if you're a young woman at home, your parents.  Many will have ideas and convictions about what *you* should wear, but what matters most is what the LORD is directing and what your husband prefers.

Pray together & examine
what you're wearing each day and why!


Some of the articles here will likely disturb you and *may* ruffle your feathers...  but I really pray that after reading them, that you will sit back and think on your ways & attitudes and perhaps even change those that may not be in keeping with proper appearance.  Share any of these articles or thoughts with your husband and talk them over when you have opportunity.  As with every article or message on this web-site, pray, read, ponder, pray ...then spit out the bones and apply what the LORD leads you to do.    I'm not supposing myself to be an authority... what I write and share with you are things the LORD's impressed on my heart after reading the Word and praying about it all. My intention, directly or implied, is NOT to be critical or judgmental or intolerant... but I *am* *intending* to help direct sisters into biblical, modest dress.  A Christian woman in immodest attire is giving a message that blasphemes the Word of God, misleads others, defrauds men and potentially causes a weaker brother to stumble in his thoughts.  Save romantic attire for privacy with your husband.   

Please, dear sister in the LORD, don't entice others or provoke others to openly
 view the gift you are to reserve only for your own husband. And, that being said,
please remember that nothing on this site is intended to replace the Word of God. 

So, if you're inspired to wear feminine clothing & modest dresses and now that you know the "why" of modest dressing,
Now, what in the world are you going to wear?


Why should girls and women wear dresses?  I believe the answer is so simple and so obvious:  God distinguished male and female -- created male and female.  Men and women are masculine and feminine by divine design.  I believe our choice of clothing demonstrates our agreement with Scripture -- and that we should dress according to our beautiful design and should dress appropriately - or accordingly. The above photos are not meant as a directive in *the kind* of dress to wear... but to simply and boldly distinguish and demonstrate the extremely obvious difference between masculine and feminine. 
Male and female.  Men and Women.  Male and Female created He them...


Articles, instruction, inspiration & encouragement for Modest & Feminine Dressing

Revive Our Hearts with Nancy DeMoss  (a  radio program on modesty)     articles:  Modesty  and Partial Disclosure = Exposure

What does "wearing dresses only" look like in real life? 
Do women really wear "dresses only" and can they really live in dresses only?

This page is full of helps and encouragement for you to live a modest, feminine life.  Please bookmark this page for future reference as these articles will really help you in your understanding if it's also your desire to dress in a feminine and modest manner.   The article titles below are hyperlinks to articles I've written, other articles on this site and articles on other websites.  Click the titles to view articles and/or websites.  Please accept my apologies for broken links and link errors.  I attempt to keep up with sites but with the way websites change from time to time, you will find links to articles that have been moved or are no longer available.  I'm truly sorry for the aggravation this causes. 

A Dad's perspective: Why I tell my daughters to dress modestly - Peter Chin

NEW Encouragement from Sarah...
Another... Why Dresses Only

The Appearance of a Christian Woman
and her Reputation -  pamela spurling

The Reputation of a Godly Woman
     pamela spurling

Christian Women Have an Obligation
 to Dress Modestly
an article by Michael Foust sharing
Mary Mohler's views

NEW   Modesty: Virtue Ignored

Contending for modesty in the church

By Jim Harmon

NEW   Sister... Show Mercy!

 NEW  Young Lady, I'm Talking To You

Too Much Skin Girl, Too Much Skin

Stick to Your Standards

Getting Used To Dresses
Lydia Sherman

Modest Daughters
by *Douglas Wilson - Credenda Agenda
*Warning... Doug Wilson sometimes appears to have a very "brash" style of relating issues and may seem to  be a bit too much for an overly sensitive type; powerful, good points, though.

Christians Dressing Modestly
Teaching Christian Modesty

Modesty and Christian Apparel
michael blume

Feminine Attire
The Modest Dress of a Woman
 pamela spurling

Modesty... what is it? 

Modesty: The Undressing of Our Youth
Lenora Hammond

Through the Week in Feminine Dress with Mrs.Chancey

Modesty  Susan Theall

Helping An Immodest
Sister in Christ

jasmine baucham

Christian Femininity: Are We Resigned or Excited?   --Elissa Kroeger
[A very insightful article regarding the kind of dress women might wear and what it is saying to onlookers. 
You might be tempted to ask, are all dresses actually feminine or are some actually masculine? ---ps]

Modest Apparel
A sermon by J. Wayne McKamie
Part  One      Part Two

Bible Guidelines About Clothing
Bruce Lackey

Christian Modesty in Dress
What does the Bible Teach?

Modesty: A Matter of the Heart
by Mary Van Nattan

Modestly -
Teen Bible Study Discussion Guide

Uncovering The Truth About Modesty
By Melody Green

The Christian's Dress and Adornment
project restore (posted 3-22-05)

A conversation
that might take place in your home:

A Study in Modesty
How a woman should portray herself
as a Christian

Modesty - Women's Apparel

Another man's view:
Should a Woman Wear Pants? 

A Christian Lady's Dress & Appearance
Pastor Art Kohl




II Samuel 11:2    An Address to Christian Women by a Brother in Christ  The Sin Bath-Sheba

Warning: may cause you to fiercely react to his assessment of dress and YOUR responsibility as a woman. I don't agree with all he says...
(Was Bath-Sheba *really* sinning?!?!?  I don't fully agree with the author of this article that "Bath-Sheba's little sin was the cause [emphasis mine] of David's Great Sin"!)  This is not intended to stir controversy--- His position's narrow but some points are thought provoking AND really are RELEVANT regarding appearance & motives *AND* unintended consequences or OUR apparel as women.  

Remember: Pray! Glean! Pray!  Eat fruit, spit out pits! 
Eat meat, spit out bones -- these articles are for thought,
they are not necessarily directives!

Modest clothing is a personal decision -- behaviour is a personal decision and ultimately, *every*one* is responsible for their *own* behaviour.  We can intentionally dress to not seek to be provocative and to not seek to be attracting sexual attention and we can intentionally behave so as to *not* entice sexual attention but, again, ultimately, *every*one* is responsible for their *own* behaviour and reactions.  There's a fine line and we need to intentionally seek to know what it is and where it is.

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