Are you wondering what  "large family" means? Well... sit down, I've got a story or two to tell you.
And so do all these others... Enjoy your stay.  Be encouraged, it is of the Lord that you are a family... it is all His doing.
Make a home for the blessing of others and for the care and nurturing of children for the glory of the Lord.

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Large Family Mothering
blog of encouragement by a lady of virtue

Help from the
Duggar Family
a family with 19 children
The Duggar's Most
Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make such a household run smoothly? What is a typical day in your lives? And here are their answers:

Here's a note from them: Dugger's on parenting

Trusting God
for our Family Size

Joanne Moore

Birth Control:
Leaving the Decision to God
James McDermott


By Cindy McDermott

 Life in a Shoe

MrsMomof9 Family  


Investing in Eternal Treasures
Glenys Hicks

Large Family Logistics

The Family Meal Table
Come to the Table
Nancy Campbell

Help! How Can I Have Peace
in my Home

Nancy Campbell

101 Reasons For Having Children!
By Nancy Campbell

Moms of Many Young Siblings

One of the longest running email loops.  Full site! Must register.

You know you have a large family when you  go to the store and you see people's heads bobbing up and down as they attempt to inconspicuously count the members of your family.  or... You're all out somewhere and people invariably ask one of the following questions:   [my thoughts or comments in after each question]

Are they all yours?"  We're asked this very regularly!
(We have fun with this one...)
Same marriage?"
(Yep... 32 years!)
And you birthed them all"
(yep, all of 'em!!)
Wow, all yours...  did you have any twins?
(they about faint when I say I'm sad we were never blessed with twins)
Are you going to have any more?
(They about faint when I say "I hope so!")
I could *N-E-V-E-R* handle all those kids!" 
(O my,  in our own strength, we can't either!)
O, you don't know how hard my pregnancies are... my babies are always... "
( O. )
What kind of job do you have???"
(If they only knew!!)
You must be very rich!!"
(Yes, we are VERY rich, VERY rich, indeed!)
Do you work?"
(snicker... if they only knew!!)
Better you, than me!"
(We think so, too!)
I would have more children, but my husband is concerned about my health."
Are you Mormon? Catholic? Crazy??
(No, none of the above... really!)
I wanted more kids but I have terrible labours and so I can't!
I wanted more kids but I'm just not cut out for it!
(We used to think so, too---and now we *know* it is *ALL* God!)
Don't you know what causes that!?!?
(I sometimes *dread* my husband's answers  ;-) !!)
We'd have more kids, but we can't afford them.
we think... boy if we're short on money sometimes --now-- just think how short on money we'd be if we *didn't* have these kids! The LORD *always* provides!  Always.

We don't have enough room for more kids.
we think... well then, you're not stacking them properly!
We don't have enough patience for more kids.
(Well... there's one sure cure for that... PRAYER!!)

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Then a baker's dozen... Statements we STILL hear all the time:

"I'd have more kids, but I'm:

1.   ...not able to."
2.   ...not patient."
3.  ... not organized. like. you." (ha)
4.  ... not financially able to."
5.  ... not emotionally able to."
6.   ...too old!!"  (we are, too... but... )
7.  ... not T-H-A-T crazy!"  (a-hmmm...)
8.   ...enjoying myself, now."
9.  ... living in too small a home as it is!!"
10. ... worried about the world they'll grow up in!"
11.  ...not religious"  (!!!)
12.  ...concerned about saving the planet." ( ugh)
13. ... using my education... yadayadayada"

We hear these comments and more very, very frequently.  In fact, so do all of our friends who have large families!  We don't feel offended by people's comments... or their strong feelings.  You know, each one is an opportunity to give credit and glory to the LORD for His mercy, His goodness, His faithfulness, His provision, His protection, His sustaining power and testify He is LORD, He is able and He does keep His promises!


And one more:

God never gives us more than we can bear.  And He knows I couldn't handle a large family."
Truth is, none of us can really handle anything.  Truth is, we are all flawed and it truly is only by His mercy and grace that we move and breathe and have our being.  Thus, it follows, that if God chooses that you have one, three, seven, ten or *no* children, it will be truly by His grace and mercy and ultimately for YOUR good and HIS glory.




This, from Mrs. Mom of 9 Family Home Page

Large Families:

  • Accept donations of Restaurant size cookware!!!

  • are CHAOTIC and NOISY and FUN

  • have no Matching socks...but 58 white non- mates

  • always have someone to play with... never bored or lonely

  • lots of babysitters, readers, and rockers

  • never have a dull meal

  • are never picky eaters! there's someone to eat it!!!

  • have ever ready sports team

  • never have moldy leftovers in the fridge

  • and yes the parents DO know what causes them...

  • and no, moms are not supermoms or super organized

  • do not have overabundance of patience, just lots of opportunities to cultivate patience"



FOOD... it's always one of the first topics of interest and concern when the topic of "large families" is addressed.  Food... what about feeding a large family?

Here are some links for you:

Grande Cooking
this is an eBook that you can purchase for a small fee. 
Once you begin "grande cooking," you will have

More time in your day; Fewer dishes to wash at each meal;
Great tasting and healthy meals for your family;
The ability to save a “ton” of money each month;
The chance to minister to others," easily... and much more.

Large Family Logistics
Freezer Cooking

And here's a little bit of my TNT ADVICE TO YOU...
TNT advice is Tried 'n True

LEARN TO COOK IN DOUBLES.  When you make special meals, MAKE TWO: ONE TO SERVE AND ONE TO SAVE.  When you cook meat, grate cheese, chop onions, make breads, make cookies, or whatever: ALWAYS THINK AHEAD... Think in terms of TOMORROW!   Think ahead about what's ahead and plan for it by cooking for it.  REALLY... cooking ahead will save you LOADS of time and money. 

Try it... you will see and you will not be disappointed. 

This is not like some cottage industry that you put out oodles of time and then discover that you have only made a few dollars in a year!  REALLY!  Try cooking in quantity... you will have less waste, less trips to the store, less impulse buying, less mess, less wasted time, less frustration over what to fix for dinner, less guilt over what you didn't use in time or what you could have made but didn't.  Buy quantity, cook quantity and serve quality meals.  Really... whatever you call it: freezer cooking, mega cooking, quantity cooking, cooking ahead... it doesn't matter what you call it, just do it.  Even if you don't do it "just right" or how you think other women do it... just do it.  Make a few and try it; then another time double what you did before... and then, before you know it, your freezer will be like a treasure trove... filled with time savers and your cook and serve/cook and save method will be a life saver to you and a blessing to your family!


Heart of Wisdom

 Books    Books  ♥  Books  

The Pilgrims Progress
John Bunyan

In His Steps
Charles Sheldon

Wes read this book to our family for many evenings...
quite entertaining!!
Yes They're All Ours - The Boyers

Kathleen Norris

JR Miller

Ten P's in a Pod
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