On The Bookshelf
As Christians, what should we then read?


Christian Living
In addition to The Bible... we suggest that you purchase and learn to us Strong's Concordance, Interlinear & Parallel Bible Commentaries, Vine's Expository Dictionary,
The 1828 Webster's Dictionary, and a good encyclopedic Dictionary
along with solid resources that encourage you to walk in the Way of the Word

Rod and Staff Books
Milestone Ministries

Special sources for Books and Homeschool materials for you and your family!!

Vision Forum   &  Timberdoodle   &  Plain Path
CBD: Christian Book Distributors  

More great resources:  Please visit  the web-based   BOOKSTORE 
e  Books On The Path

Grace and Truth Books
Character building books for the Christian Family

Also---eBay has been a great resource for new and used books for our family!


A Diary of Private Prayer --- John Baillie

 My Utmost For His Highest -- Oswald Chambers

In His Steps  --- Charles M. Sheldon  

The Pilgrim's Progress ---  John Bunyan



Here is a very brief sampling of some of the books we've found to be helpful

Desiring God---John Piper
Don't Waste Your Life --John Piper

The Marketing of Evil - David Kupelian

The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
    - Hannah Whitall Smith (Read with discernment)

Streams in the Desert - Cowman
Keep a Quiet Heart - Elisabeth Elliot

Home Making [1882 reprint]
A classic by J.R. Miller (
Vision Forum

Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America
Jeff Pollard
Vision Forum

Keep A Quiet Heart
---Elisabeth Elliot
Why Revival Tarries---Leonard Ravenhill 
(a 1959 classic on Revival!  Powerful!!)

Sodom Had No Bible
---Leonard Ravenhill

EM Bounds


Created to be His Help Meet*- Debi Pearl
*we recommend you be discerning as to what you'll apply in your life and home.  Some good points.

Verses of Virtue - Elizabeth Beall Phillips

Wild at Heart - Discovering the secret of a man's soul 
John Eldredge

The Wild At Heart Field Manual
---John Eldredge
Only for men
; Only for absolutely, perhaps painfully, candid personal study.

All of the John Eldredge books are recommended for -grounded- Christian men.  They contain a bit of pop psych that may offend purists.

Waking The Dead
---John Eldredge

Recovering Biblical  Manhood & Womanhood
---John Piper / Wayne Grudem    *get the work-book, too.

Hidden Art  
---Edith Schaeffer
Woman to Woman---Eugenia Price  (wonderful old book!)

As Silver Refined - Kay Arthur

The Mommy Manual - Barbara Curtis

Becoming A Vessel God Can Use --Partow

Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman  
---by Anne Ortlund
Disciplines of the Home  
---by Anne Ortlund

The Way Home  ---by Mary Pride
All the Way Home 
---by Mary Pride
(you may not agree with her style... thought provoking &life changing!)

Me? Obey Him? ---by Elizabeth Rice Hanford 
(read with wise discernment!!  Sin is ALWAYS wrong!)

Beautiful in God's Eyes  ---by Elizabeth George
If Teacups Could Talk - Emilie Barnes

The Power of a Praying Wife  
[also: ....Parent, etc.]
---by Stormie Omartian

Time Began in A Garden - Barnes

Discovering How To Pray
---by Hope MacDonald

The Excellent Wife 
---By Martha Peace


Reaching the Left from the Right - Barbara Curtis


Understanding the Man in Your Life - H. Norman Wright
Reforming Marriage   ---by Douglas Wilson
Federal Husband
---Douglas Wilson
---by Douglas Wilson 
(a "straight talk" book---husband's reading)

Jesus Freaks ---The Voice of the Martyrs and DC Talk. 
Jesus Freaks II
---The Voice of the Martyrs and DC Talk. 
Stories of those who stood for Jesus: The ultimate Jesus Freaks.

A Woman's High Calling
---Elizabeth George

Hungry for More of Jesus ---by David Wilkerson

The Hope Chest- A Legacy of Love
---Rebekah Wilson
Grandmother's HopeChest
---Rebekah Wilson


These few are specifically helpful for sexual intimacy Issues and Past Sexual Abuse:

  • Intimate Issues
    by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

    (for wives & husband's-read together)
  • Also, Intimacy Ignited - Dillow & Pintus
  • Door Of Hope  ---by Jan Frank
    (for help/hope in dealing with past sexual abuse)
  • The Wounded Heart Dan Allender


    Women's Books & Bible Studies   

Cynthia Heald's Bible Study books have been very helpful to me in the past...   (Becoming a Woman of Excellence, Becoming a Woman of Freedom, Becoming a Woman of Prayer,  and more...)

You might also look into The Precepts Bible studies ---by Kay Arthur---one disagreeable part is that men are sometimes in her audience and certainly in her reading audience.  This is objectionable to many men and women who understand form the Word that women are not to be in authority over a man.

God's Priceless Woman
--by Wanda Kennedy-Sansari
---a Proverbs 31 study

...and, of course, there are surely many many more to choose from!!!

~ Parenting
~ For Young People ~ Motherhood ~

The Mommy Manual --Barbara Curtis
Lord, Please Meet Me In The Laundry Room - Barbara Curtis
Small Beginnings -- Barbara Curtis
Ready Set Read --- Barbara Curtis

Raising Maidens of Virtue - Stacy McDonald

Be Fruitful and Multiply - Nancy Campbell
The Power of Motherhood - Nancy Campbell
Passion and Purity ---by Elisabeth Elliot
I Kissed Dating Goodbye!  ---by Joshua Harris
A Full Quiver   ---by Rick and Jan Hess
The Bible and Birth Control   ---Charles Provan
Shepherding a Child's Heart   ---by Dr. Tedd Tripp
What the Bible Says about Child Training  ---by Richard Fugate
Child Training Tips   ---by Reb Bradley 
Please choose the UPDATED VERSION]
Beautiful Girlhood (the original!) by Mabel Hale  
(There is also a revised edition by Karen Andreola)

When God Writes Your Love Story - Eric & Leslie Ludy
The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy   ---by Shonda Parker
Naturally Healthy Woman --- Shonda Parker

Mommy Diagnostics ---by Shonda Parker
Bringing up Boys -- James Dobson

 Homemaking and Housekeeping:
Home Schooling

A Patriot's History of the United States
Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen

Far Above Rubies ---by Lynda Coats   (this is a young ladies' high school curriculum)
Blessed Is The Man ---by Lauren & Lynda Coats (this is a young men's high school curriculum)
Training Our Daughters To Be Keepers At Home ---by Ann Ward
Hidden Art 
---by Edith Schaeffer
Dinner's in the Freezer  ---by Jill Bond (Rich! so much more than just a "once a month" cooking book)
Open Heart Open Home  ---by Karen Burton Mains

Books on Home and Time organization
books by Kathy Peel and Emilie Barnes  (Between them, there are many titles!)
Clutter's Last Stand (and other titles) by  Don Aslett

Odds 'n Ends

Mother -- [1911 reprint] Kathleen Norris (
Vision Forum)
HomeMaking --- JR Miller

Mantle Ministries
Passing on the Mantle of Christian Heritage

  The Magazine Basket 

I suggest also Magazine Subscriptions... These are the type you may want to keep or at least save portions and the articles from them in a file---and recipes in your recipe files.

Above Rubies 
Encouragement for Mothers and Families
The website and magazine for inspiration
for motherhood, home and family

Above Rubies
PO Box 681687
Franklin TN 37068-1687

An Encouraging Word
 quarterly, for  women of all ages

HomeSchool Digest
The quarterly Journal for Family Discipleship
The Old Schoolhouse

The Magazine for
Homeschool Families

Crowned With Silver
Returning to Biblical Femininity.
A bi-monthly magazine of Godly Homemaking Wisdom From Bygone Eras...
There's no place like... Home.

CWS- P.O. Box 6338
Longmont, Colorado; 80501
or e-mail:

MAGAZINES ARE NOW ONLINE  Go to Crowned With Silver
please support them & their advertisers


Another magazine I highly recommend (conservative society/political): 
"Credible, Independent, Fearless.  A Monthly Publication of WorldNetDaily.Com"
If for nothing else, The articles by David Kupelian are worth every dollar and every minute you'll spend reading.

HomeSchooling Today
Learning From the Past with a Vision for the Future
This magazine is published by the same folks who have The Patriarch's Path website  & Bookstore  which we have endorsed here on other pages
PO Box 436, Barker, Texas 77413  (218) 492-6050

No Greater Joy
Bi-monthly newsletter; 1000 Pearl Road, Pleasantville, TN, 37033;


Reiman Publications:  Taste of Home   Quick Cooking  &   Country Woman
Bi-monthly; You can write to them at P.O. Box 991--Greendale, WI 53129-0991
; or:


Some folks you may want to read up on
 you invest in purchasing and/or reading their materials:

Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven______
and the world peace, world hunger and whatever else purpose.

  * Please be informed about the different authors you may read.  It is so imperative that you know the spiritual/Biblical position of an author when reading books and materials... some things read so well, sound so good and yet are flawed in that they contain untruths or partial untruths.   In the last days there will be many
who will be deceived.

Been questioning an organization
dealing in Basic Life principles?

Midwest Christian Outreach
Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc.
P.O. Box 455
Lombard, IL 60148-0455

I do not blanketly recommend the Parenting Training programs Growing Kids God's Way and Preparation for Parenting.  Please thoroughly  research and use caution before blanketly  accepting the information given about the studies, methods, etc. for child training in these programs.  

Two articles regarding GFI  from Christianity Today: 

Neil Anderson  
check out articles at CRI 
Christian Research Institute



These are just a few of the books on our shelves... I'll add to this list as time allows!

Reprints from Vision Forum

  • Baker, Fundamentals of the Faith
  • Blackaby, Henry & King, Claude - Experiencing God: Knowing & Doing the Will of God
  • Bonhoeffer, Dietrich - The Cost of Discipleship - MacMillan
  • Bonhoeffer, Dietrich - Life Together - McMillan
  • Bounds, E. M. - The complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer - Baker Book House
  • Bunyan, John - A Holy Life
  • Bunyan, John - The Fear of God - Soli Deo Gloria Publications
  • Chambers, Oswald - Approved Unto God - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Chambers, Oswald - My Utmost for His Highest - Thomas Nelson
  • Chambers, Oswald - If Ye Shall Ask - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Chambers, Oswald - The Shadow of an Agony - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Edwards, Jonathan - Revival - Evergreen Press
  • Fuller, Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
  • Goforth, Jonathan - By My Spirit - Marshal, Morgan & Scott
  • Grubb, Norman - Reese Howells: Intercessor - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Guyon, Madame - Experiencing God Through Prayer - Whitaker House
  • Hession, Roy - The Calvary Road - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Hession, Roy - We Would See Jesus - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Hession, Roy - When I Saw Him - Christian Literature Crusade
  • Hull - Two Thousand Hours in the Psalms
  • Lawrence, Brother - The Practice of the Presence of God - Baker
  • Lawrence, J. B. - The Holy Spirit and Missions - LifeWay
  • McClure, James - Intercessory Prayer - LifeWay ---by
  • McDonald, Addie Smith - Aglow At Sunset  (Obedience & Bible Memory)
  • Moody, D. L. - Prevailing Prayer - Moody Press
  • Mueller, George - Answers to Prayer - Moody Press
  • Muller, George - The Autobiography of George Muller - Whitaker House
  • Murray, Andrew - Absolute Surrender - Moody Press
  • Murray, Andrew - Humility - Whitaker House
  • Murray, Andrew - Inner Life - Whitaker House
  • Murray, Andrew - Ministry of Intercessory Prayer - Bethany House
  • Murray, Andrew - The Blessings of Obedience - Whitaker House
  • Murray, Andrew - Raising Your Child to Love God - Bethany House
  • Murray, Andrew - The School of Obedience - Whitaker House
  • Murray, Andrew - The Spirit of Christ - Whitaker House
  • Murray, Andrew - With Christ in the School of Prayer - Whitaker House
  • Packer, J. T. - A Quest for Godliness - Crossway/Goodnews  
  • Pike, W. - Principles of Effective Prayer
  • Prentiss, Mrs. E. -  Stepping Heavenward
  • Ravenhill, Leonard - Revival Praying - Bethany House
  • Ravenhill, Leonard - Why Revival Tarries - Bethany House
  • Ravenhill, Leonard - America, You’re Too Young to Die - Bethany House
  • Ryle, J. C. - Holiness - Presbyterian & Reformed
  • Sanders, J. Oswald - The Holy Spirit and His Gifts - Zondervan
  • Sheldon, Charles M., In His Steps
  • Smith, Hannah Whitall - The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
  • Spurgeon, CH - Around The Wicket Gate
  • Spurgeon, CH - The Holy Spirit’s Power - Whitaker House
  • Spurgeon, CH - Spurgeon's Sermon Notes
  • Torrey, R. A. - How To Pray - Moody Press
  • Tozer, A. W. - Knowledge of the Holy - Harper Collins
  • Tozer, A.W.  - The Pursuit of God
  • Wallace - Calvin's Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament



Here's a neat new site I think you'll like!
Karla Dornacher and Heart Blossoms



Modern day Authors we tend to like...
Doug Phillips, Vision Forum Encouragement for families training children and the Biblical roles for men and women.

Philip Lancaster- Reformed Presbyterian Elder, Editor of Patriarch Magazine “Perverted Patriarchy” 

Tedd Tripp- Reformed Baptist Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Hazleton, PA
Shepherding a Child's Heart

Michael Farris-The Homeschooling Father - He has several good books on the Father's role in training up a child.   The Homeschooling Father: “Aim Higher” Father/AimHigherByMikeFarris Other articles can be found at: http://Homeschool/

Dr. S. M. Davis-Conservative Baptist pastor He has many excellent sermons and tapes, but not very much on the internet.  You can find these articles by him on my web page:
“Changing The Heart Of A Rebel”

“Gods Plan For Finding A Mate”
“The Influence Of Older Children On Younger Ones”

Doug Wilson
Magazine: Credenda Agenda:

Doug Wilson is the author of several books we recommend.  Published by Canon Press:

John Piper Reformed and Baptistic Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church Minneapolis, Minnesota
Co-Editor of Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood – see Desiring God Ministires

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Henry Blackaby- Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.   Southern Baptist Pastor and Teacher


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