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Hearts Garden
My heart is a garden where thought flowers grow.
The thoughts that I think are the seeds that I sow.
Every kind loving thought bears a kind loving deed,
And a thought that is selfish is just like a weed.
So I must watch what I think each minute each day,
Pull out the weed thoughts and throw them away,
And plant loving seed thoughts so thick in a row,
There will not be room for weed thoughts to grow.
                                         By Katherine Merrill


Be sure you begin and maintain a garden journal... it will help you in future planning and planting and you'll not have to rely on your memory to know what works best for you.  Also... you'll know what and when you planted, you'll know where you bought plants or ordered from online.  It might surprise you how long ago you actually planted that tree or when -really- was the last time you sprayed or fertilized.  A simple notebook will do!
Seeds... Seeds For Survival
Backyard Gardener... your backyard information source

Get some magazines and take a look at the garden plans and pictures.  You can then get your garden plans on paper... as you begin to lay out your plans and garden, preparing your soil and containers, start purchasing your seeds to start some seedlings!  Many gardeners start their seeds indoors using yogurt or cottage cheese containers and good potting soil.  Then as the weather warms up, you can begin sowing outdoors and planting your starts in the garden's prepared soil!

Weeks Roses

Heirloom Roses

More Beautiful Flowers!

Dutch Gardens
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Sites that'll inspire you to garden!

I came across this sweet site... and was very inspired! I want to get down my gardening books and plan this year's garden! This is Georgia's Site---the site I originally visited for encouragement for Pastor's wives!! (You can link to those sites, too!)  You will appreciate these sites for much more than gardening!!
And her gardener's journal:


Virtual Garden
The Gardener's Supply Company

I sure like this site:

Jerry Baker - Gardening Expert

Rebecca's Garden:


Gardening for Young People   Kid's Valley Garden
Lots and lots of neat ideas and helps for gardening for kids (of all ages!!)