Welcome Home! Thank you for coming to A Christian Home and visiting our site today.   We seek to be a complete web-resource for your homelife and encouragement. May the LORD bless you as you seek to follow Him and know His ways.  May He direct your thoughts, ALL your reading and ALL your web-searches. We pray you'll find encouragement for your home & family.  A Christian Home is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Word of God and for the restoration, encouragement and for the Truth, for the strengthening of marriage, family and home.  Our purpose for this site remains the same from the beginning:  to help you find good things & resources for your home and family.  Here you will find hundreds of pages and hundreds of outside links that will instruct and encourage you and to help shine light on the path and strengthen your walk with the LORD.  We're A Christian Home because the Word matters. Home matters and  marriages and families matter!  Relationships matter.  Knowledge of the Truth matters, Modesty matters and so much more!  But mostly, we have kept this site available  because we seek to encourage the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord Jesus in all that we do: that the Word of God be not blasphemed. 

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Our son, Timothy, is a missionary in Ghana, West Africa.  We'll keep you updated with his letters & photos. 

loads of homeschooling materials,
links & encouragement for families!


written from Jinja, Uganda during 2007 and additional letters were written when Kathryn
 returned to Africa for the Spring of 2008.

Daily Devotionals

Letters of encouragement & inspiration after the
manner of Titus 2 for Christian mothers at home.

my suggestions for Things to do THIS WEEK! 

older messages
and Good Things & Recipes letters
were written for mothers at home.

these are newer  e-letters


all sorts of sections and links
for Titus 2 type Good Things
for men, women & families.


Bible Verses, Quotes & Notes for Parents for encouragement & inspiration to train up children in the fear & admonition of the LORD.


Some Favourite Websites 
Most all these recommendations are also great indicators of our stands.  There are strong
reasons for what we don't say, don't link or
sites we don't recommend.  These Links are OLD--- MANY MORE or different sites would be/should be included, but I've had no time to update the pages.  Please accept my apologies for this.

loving encouragement to sisters in motherhoodpregnancy & beyond; help also for child training. 
This page has been updated!

many articles, links and lots of
other site suggestions for you!
New articles and links

ways you can minister to
other women in your life

An old page detailing page sections on our site! Each page here has lots of articles and outside links.

The what & why of modest, feminine dress... along with lots of modest clothing site links
and links for modest clothing patterns.

These very candid "Observations"
are in the form of letters of encouragement & exhortation  specifically for younger women.

newest letter:  Dear Pretty Girls


What's in the News?

what we believe


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Great new links and articles found along the way... (I'll put stuff here as I find it)

The Father's Ranch Ministries; September 2007 newsletter

NEW  Dr. Voddie Baucham - YouTube video clips here


Sandy's Home Notes
Glenys's Writings

Just for Young Ladies

Unilateral Hearing Loss

Q: Why so many pages of duplicate links?
A: The reason for this is because people most often come to this site through a link from another site;  so, in order to make known, or make available, all the different resources on our site, we make an effort to reference various links throughout on each page.

And when he was
a great way off
Luke 15.20

A light in the window;
a page for parents of
Prodigals & Waywards

support motherhood
& breastfeeding


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Modesty & Femininity
&  Modest Clothing Links 
Do you have questions about femininity & modest dress? More articles & clothing sites have been added! You'll notice we don't link to all "modest clothing" sites.  This decision's been made intentionally.  We do not represent all the sellers "modest" clothing that ask to be included on our website.  The ones we post can be honestly recommended to you.


PCOS Stories

Other Medical Issues...
In addition to PCOS, we have a few pages
that might be of help to your specific needs.


World Missions
The lives and work of missionaries around the world.

Click to read specific Issues 
 this is an outside link - issues pertaining to "The Church" today

What's on the BOOKSHELF ???
(This page hasn't been updated for a very long time)

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself,
so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received
from the Lord Jesus,  to testify the gospel of the grace of God.
-Acts 20.24


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Tchotchke for your website.  I'm beginning to
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Various & Sundry Links

"The probability of life originating from an accident is comparable
to the  probability of an unabridged dictionary resulting from an
explosion in a print shop."   - Dr. Arthur Conklin

      Click here for free COLORING PAGES


sola fide sola gratia solo Christo Sola Scriptura   soli Deo gloria! 


Another Interview with God   Devotionals
My Utmost For His Highest  NancyLeigh DeMoss ~ Revive our Hearts 

Make this day a sweet one!
There aren't that many days left in this year...
Resolve to do well, resolve to finish well ---
Even if you didn't keep your "resolutions, press on!!

LOVE YOUR HUSBAND. Love your Children! You have no idea just how long or how short a time you will have with him or them.  So far as it depends on you... walk in love. Be pleasant.  Be faithful.  Today is ALL you've got.


KEGEL!!  Do these exercises routinely...
just remember...
if you do, and you don't stop, you won't drop. 

Try this.  While sitting at your desk here at the computer... begin to daily implement several repetitions of
Kegel exercises - Abdominal & pelvic floor strengthening exercises.  Lift and hold--- tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, tight for twenty counts - relax for ten; repeat several times.  You won't regret doing these - but, believe me, you will regret it if you don't (especially if you are a mom of many or are in the midst of becoming a mom of many!)  
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Concerning the state of the church today: emergency, emergency, emergency... Emergent-See


Pray for brothers and sisters in chains

Missions and Missionaries
and mission organizations


Bible Studies, resources and helps, doctrinal studies, articles and links

The Web Bible

An e-Book:
In The Name of Purpose

Sacrificing Truth on the Alter of Unity

The Massive Christian Church Shift

To Complete the Vow
a meditation for Husbands and Wives 
- Michael Spencer

A new section here containing Articles, links, issues and  search information regarding  the church today: trends and bends in the church
and Christian issues from a conservative
Christian world view.

for Men

A page of good articles, links
to helpful sites & studies for men,
husbands and fathers.

outside link:
Family Man Ministries
newsletter: Family Man Weekly...
You Da Dad!

George Washington's
Rules of Civility
Boy Wanted by Frank Crane

Modesty! Matters!

Another page FOR MEN
accountability matters
p*rnography destroys... everyone.

I was looking for material regarding "modesty" from a man's perspective and came across this letter and though most of the men & women who visit this site are older than the "girls" this young man was writing to, his letter is quite inspirational and timely, though written a few years ago. I've no idea who he is and so this is not a blanket endorsement of *any* thing on the site except this letter: A Letter to the Girls I  know:  Dear Girls... 

Jumping Ship    Jumping Ship Part 2
by Michael Pearl
From the No Greater Joy site:
Jumping Ship - part Three   and   Jumping Ship - part Four

Just a Man
a wife's response to prngrphy
by Debbie Yuck

You're a fool if you believe it's harmless to indulge in internet porn, images, stories,
chatrooms or email lists that are sexually explicit.  Be honest, be accountable.

men and women ...
There is no anonymity before God... He sees, He hears,
The Lord knows all your actions, words and thoughts and all the
thoughts and intents of your heart.

Protect your marriage! Guard your eyes and your heart!
Be swift to resist temptation.  Don't click.
You have no idea the horrific consequences of internet porn.

 Just don't even go there.

 "Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:  But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.  And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell."
Matthew 5.27-29

Internet porn will destroy your marriage, your family, your home and your life!
It really  *IS* sex and it really *IS* sexual sin, and you will get caught and it won't be like you think! 
There *ARE* consequences for you and everyone in your family

House Church
The pursuit of the Biblical Christian life;
articles, sites, book suggestions, etc.

Here's something neat for you;
 a screensaver that'll encourage you
in the matter of purity and obedience
 to the LORD according to His Word.

Lamentations of a Father
(Laws while at table...)

What  would Spurgeon say today?
(Spurgeon  Updates Daily)

The Massive Shift of Christianity

Another site helpful to men

fyi: the above site hosts Google ads
and some links that are not conservative
Christian; therefore I recommend discretion


Homeword.wsI received the nicest letter and mailing from HomeWords.  They have materials that will help parents in the teaching their children to pray!  Yes, prayer is a "learned" activity!  You can download special colouring pages for use in your home.  See them, today!


Great Magazines for you and your family!  

What you read shapes your thinking... make sure what you read is sound material. Here are our suggestions:

We think the following magazines are the crème de la crème!

The quarterly Journal
for Family Discipleship

The Old Schoolhouse

The Magazine for Homeschool Families; you'll want to save these issues for future resources.


E-Book: The New School Year
Get your free copy of the E-Book: The New School Year


An Encouraging Word
 quarterly, for  women of all ages

It's truly an encouraging word...


Seasons At Home Magazine
Recommended by *me!* and by
Hope Chest Legacy

"Seasons At Home magazine will be published by Joyous Home, where Theresa and Jessica are a lovely and talented mother-daughter team.  Other homemakers will be contributing wonderful ideas and articles with lovely full color pictures.  Here is just a peek at a few of the articles that will be in this first issue that will arrive in your box by mid to late October 2007.  You will see a lovely article from Hope Chest Legacy in this premier edition too!"

I just received the first issue of this magazine -
and I must say: what a blessing it is and what a
treasure it will be for our daughters one day as they
enter into keeping a home.  These magazines are
high quality, with lots of very informative articles and
step by step instructions and photos for projects
of all types.  You will want to use these magazines for
future reference.   Order HERE


Crowned With Silver

Returning to Biblical Femininity ~ There's no place like home.   A bi-monthly magazine of Godly Homemaking Wisdom From Bygone Eras...

Encouragement for Mothers and Families -- The website and magazine for inspiration for motherhood, home & family.
Above Rubies  PO Box  681687  Franklin TN 37068-1687

Another magazine I highly recommend (conservative society/political):  Whistleblower
"Credible, Independent, Fearless.  A Monthly Publication of WorldNetDaily.Com"
If for nothing else, The articles by David Kupelian are worth every dollar & every minute you spend reading the magazine.

Voddie Baucham
Family Driven Faith

A man who is
not afraid to
speak the Truth.

Joseph Farah's
Stop the Presses


Read David Kupelian's 
The Marketing of Evil  
it'll change the way you see everything in society! 


Mothers poems, quotes, etc.


Notable & Quotable

Impersonal realities do indeed exercise over me some kinds of constraint, as does the wind when it constrains me to battle against it or the rain when it compels me to take shelter. But the constraint of which I have been speaking is of a wholly different kind; it is a constraint to be pure-minded and loyal-hearted, to be kind and true and tender, and to love my neighbor as myself. And what could possibly be meant by saying that any reality of an impersonal kind could exercise over me such a constraint as that? I have never been able to see that it could mean anything at all. I have never been able to see how any being that is not a person could possess a moral and spiritual claim over me.

... John Baillie (1886-1960), Invitation to Pilgrimage [1942]


Here are more
and then, more 

Poems, Hymns & Quotes


This is an outside link
Inspirational Poems, Stories,  Humor, and Cartoons
at Christian Quotes


E-sword is Freely offered by Rick Meyers... 
"Eliminating Biblical illiteracy... one download at a time"
He offers a staggering amount of material for your personal download.

Download E-Sword!

sola fide—sola gratia—solo Christo—Sola Scriptura—soli Deo gloria!

Encouragement for you @ Homemaking in A Christian Home

Mother, please be a sweet heart in your home this week.  
Your husband needs you and your children need you. 
You're setting the tone of the home... please make it sweet. 

Our Recipes...  many pages...

  Do The Next Thing   
a poem quoted by Elisabeth Elliot

  Redeem The Time

  Who I am In Christ

Simple Living
Links and ideas
to help you
simplify your
 home & your life

Sew a "Gallon Jar Topper!"
I'll show you how!

A Baker's Dozen Ideas
for Each Day 

Do you need some helpful ideas for organizing your home?
Here you go:

Help Me Organize My Home! 
and   My "Top Ten" To Do's 

More helps for
you in our

Good Things & Recipes

Happiness is a verb
inspirational pages

Dozens of Dinners
Dinner recipes

Home & Time Management 
Household Organizing

Cookies in a Jar  
More Unique Gifts In A Jar

  Celebration Pages

Gift Baskets
for You to Make

Gift Ideas For
Any Occasion

  More Kitchen Helps
& Good Ideas

and we have many wonderful ideas in
Sandy's Home Notes
helping you be a
keeper at home!


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Creative Ladies

  And finally, Dear Sisters...
Whatever I share, I share with you because The LORD has been very merciful to me and He is trustworthy and with the encouragement, provision, blessing and care of my husband: it's "my" work, but together, we bring you this site.  It is with thanks and praise to the LORD Jesus... He is my Rock and my Redeemer, He is my Strength, my Source and my Shield.  He's brought me through many trials, has carried me through dark days and hopeless seasons---He's given me light and He's given me hope.  That's the reason this whole website exists... to share help and hope for women and families... and it's my prayer to inspire and encourage you to be the woman God's designed *you* to be.

The advice given is peer advice and there is no intent to be the "final authority" on any matter shared.  Trust the LORD, talk with your husband about anything you read here.  I have no intention to be the "last word" --- I do not think I know everything and pray to not come across that way.  God bless you in your home.  The plate's have been dished up here; please eat what you want and leave the rest.  May the LORD fill you.

  ~ pamela