Twin Rocks 2006

There were wonderful times of teaching, singing, prayer and fellowship at this year's Shield of Faith Bible conference at Twin Rocks  conference grounds on the Oregon Coast.  We were so grateful for times spent fellowshipping with old friends, meeting new friends and praying together about life situations different ones were facing.  We were grateful for opportunity to pray for healing for Kathryn, to pray for our children and to have great times of playing together.  We also so appreciated seeing the different changes that God is making in lives of people and families we've come to love through the years of seeing one another at annual conferences.  It rained heavily throughout the weekend but the time was still sweet!  Morning seemed to come a bit too early after some late nights!  We are grateful for the work of the Shield of Faith and for the wonderful reports from the different missionaries and their families.

we try to duck the pictures...
but they're too fast!

On the road again...

I was text messaging & sending pictures
 to Timothy numerous times throughout
the long weekend!  So happy for that phone!

Andrew... getting ready to leave for
Twin Rocks;not bothered at all about
the 6 hour trip ahead! 

And then when we arrived at Twin Rocks,
Joey greeted the visitor on the door of our cabin!

We had a wonderful cabin again this year -
plenty of room for everyone... four bunk beds
and the cabin even had two showers!!

Amelia riding along...
looking out the window...
She always loves car trips!
Dolly is too tired... again.

We got our room all set up and everything situated and then it was soon time for the meetings to begin and then it was bedtime for the littles.

Fun visiting with family friends
after the meetings...  Kathryn was
 missing Timothy and was sending text
 messages with James to Timothy

Samuel soooo excited to play volleyball

Joey and Stephen with the shuffleboard

Samuel and the cello

Kathryn and 'melia

Wes taking pictures...

During & after the meetings, there
were many opportunities for singing
and playing music and
laughing together!

James, Micah, Nathan and Nathaniel
were continual reminders to me
of Timothy's absence...
working in California, missed the
conference again this year.

champion pool players
... hours of fun in the recreation room

Hannah and pamela
'melia just came back from craft time
wearing her new visor.

Even in the rain... Andrew loved playing outside on the BigToy and Slide!

A bunch of the boys on the last day picnic lunch

dolly likes the picnic...

Naomi after lunch the last day...

Kathryn & Naomi with a friend

Finally, sunny outdoor play!

Wes and I were attempting to hear the testimonies being given.  There was a baptism at the lake... miraculously, it was sunny for the first time of the weekend!  Most all of the weekend  it was absolutely
pouring rain and everyone was soaked!

'melia called it a "bath-tism" and was so happy for those who were bath-tised

Joey and Friend, Dustin, climbed a tree
for a better view of the bath-tism
Many things to think about...
The LORD taught us all many
things through the messages
by each of the keynote speakers,
the testimonies and prayers of
the believers gathered.


After the conference was over, we headed home... but first was the stop at the beach. Here are a few more pics of that fun time!  Several families stopped by the beach on the way home for a time of "ultimate frisbee" and playing in the water... as if the buckets of rainwater wasn't enough! We brought home plenty of sand! along with bunches and bunches of laundry!   19992010   PO Box 2130 Snohomish, Washington 98291 USA
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