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The Great Page...
With so many pages on so many topics here at A Christian Home, it would be easy to overlook pages that might be helpful to you.  So, the following is a brief listing of most every topic page on our website and within each page you will find many ideas, articles, pictures, information and outside links that will help you in your home.  

Several things automatically update daily on many of our pages to
Welcome You Home!

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These Letters are written to encourage and inspire Christian women seeking to live out the mandate of Titus2 wives, mothers and keepers at home.

 Be in the Word daily! Nothing here will help you if you aren't in the Word first!

Good Things
a large page of resources after 
the manner of Titus 2.3-5
& praise
You may write to us with your prayer requests and we will post them on our Prayer Request page so others may join you in prayer. 
(When writing to us, you'll need to remove the
 "---removethisspamtag---" before sending mail.

pamela's thoughts
miscellaneous articles on various topic matters

A page of sensitive
material, links, etc.,
regarding surviving
childhood sexual abuse.

My Letters
These are responses to letters I've received  from women who're seeking help or encouragement
from a sister in Christ.

Modest Apparel
& Feminine dress

Old and New Articles on the importance and Scriptural basis for modest dress & Links to websites pertaining to modesty.  Plus, lots of links for modest clothing patterns & special order or many styles readymade clothing for women

We attempt to link mostly to Christian 'cottage' industries, women who are making available appropriate clothing for Women who are seeking to dress modestly.  Most of our links are home  sites, but have occasional 'secular' links to businesses that carry modest clothing---I attempt to only post sites of Bible believing Christians.

This page is being developed. Articles
and links for the encouragement
and restoration of a godly marriage.

Everything is
up good!!

Our Family Recipes
and lots more "kitchen helps" for you!

This section will help you with your
Cooking & Serving needs. 
Why not cook up one of these
delicious recipes or
visit a helpful site today!

I've broken up the page a bit to
make it easier to find recipes
you're searching for; just click
our favourite
Recipe sites 
for billions of
recipes from all over!  ;o)


Here for you to copy & use
Nutrition & Food  
 general health, food values
& pregnancy nutrition

Women's Diet
and Weight-Loss

ideas and support for you as you
seek to maintain the proper
weight for YOU!

Low Carb
You CAN lose weight

Medical Info Page
limited information & few links are offered on this page! So far, we have some different links for help concerning (so far) Pelvic Prolapse info and links, Cancer links and links for problems of the FOOT as well as some dietary recommendations for you.

 Articles, links and helpful information regarding PCOS and support for women
in various stages of womanhood.

helpful information &
links for women

Women's Sites
for at-a-glance quick link
access to some favourite
Women's & family sites!

Sandy's Home Notes
A beautiful page of the writings
of my friend Sandy that will bless
and inspire you as you seek to be a
virtuous woman for the LORD.

The Hope Chest
This page is dedicated to celebrating the Hope Chest---the origin, meaning and purpose of the Hope Chest and what it means to us in our home.

An old page of Issues Christians Face
   Articles and links to help with common
day to day questions.  
There is help, hope & there is healing in Jesus for those who carry the scars of grief, guilt, shame & loss as a
result of past abortion.
Post Abortion Help & Hope
Support-counsel from a
Christ Centered perspective

Spending Time with Glenys
writings & poetry
articles by Glenys Hicks

Here are some descriptions of
some of
Our Favourite Websites
you can tell a lot about a person
by the company they keep. 
Our site links will tell you a bit
more of what's important to us---
this is by no means a complete
listing of our favourite sites!
AND - with the huge proliferation of wonderful Blogs(!) we cannot keep up with all the wonderful writings and resources available today!

Shopping the Web


Step into
the Garden!
there's always something to do in the garden!

Games, puzzles, instructions & more! If you've ever wondered about game rules, etc. this is the page for you! Games of EVERY  sort: Games of every sport!!

Funny stuff 
Funnies & stories, & those  'funnies' that travel email-land and a weekly cartoon.

The Welcome Home Blog is for daily  encouragement around the home... some pictures of slices of our life, things we're learning or things the LORD's taking us through, things that are going on in the world. 
The blog is just filled with personal thoughts and observations that's all; and I pray it's a blessing.  On this page you'll also find links to several of the blogs I read regularly.

this is a page of seasonal slices of life of our home and family.

The Welcome Home
These messages used to be sent by email subscription.  There are many messages on various topics written to Christian women.

Additional letters of
Good Things & Recipes

 floral table

Dear Mother
A section of Letters of encouragement  just for mothers

 Life in Large Families
Smiles, help and encouragement for
Dad's & Mama's in families of many!

Ministries to Women
different pages pertaining to:
Planning & Suggestions for
Weddings, Showers, Retreats
and Celebrations for Women

Just for Young Ladies
This page is just for young ladies...
for links, articles,
courtship and more.

A Page for Mothers
remembrances, poems
and anecdotes

A place for
this page has some humorous stories
and thoughts for women who're a bit older
and have had some bittersweet 
experiences along the way.

a section of articles, links, and ideas to help you.

Pregnancy & Childbirth
 links & articles Updated!!

and, O, by the way...
The big FIX is a BIG lie.

 Child Training

tips and links

Just as strong as the desire for many to have children, children need families to love them!

Jenny is a mother of many...
Many by birth and many by adoption. You'll be inspired by her
commitment  to them and her
fervent faith and her
 walk with the LORD.

Prodigals and Waywards
a page for parents who watch at the window for prodigal children


We pray for families, for husband's to be strong in the LORD, to be pure in thought & deed, loving their wives and children and that wives live joyfully in biblical subjection to their husband, to be keepers at home; ministering, training children & serving in their homes. We pray that children will be trained up in the fear and admonition of the LORD. We pray for the church and homes to be guided by the Word of God. Thank you for coming by today! God Bless your studies!  

wes & pamela

Isn't God so very good!

Sewing & Craft Basket
Patterns  & Modest clothing, ideas for gifts to make or for your home, Quilting, and Cross stitch & Embroidery... Many Craft Links for you!

Many ideas, articles & fabulous links just
 for you & your home! Be a well trained
Keeper at Home!

Home Projects & Decorating
great ideas for you and
for your home 

Gifts to make
in addition to many gift ideas in 
Cooking Good Things section!

Gift Ideas for ANY Occasion

make a "basket" out of just about anything & give a personalized gift!

Simple Living
Tips & links  for frugal & simple living! So much to learn about simplicity!

Various & Sundry Links
Learn lots 'n lots of stuff about lots 'n lots of 
stuff & links to stuff you may need someday!

This whole section pertains to
~ women ~
 Articles and links of interest
to women, wives & mothers
of all ages and walks of life.

and two additional pages of pics

Bible - Theology
Studies and Resources
trends in the church and


These are full resource pages for you.  
Links articles, current hot topics, etc.

Issues Christians Face
topics that tend to cause the most 'stir' among believers.  The sort of "how shall we then live" topics Christians wonder about.

encouraging quotes for parents

House Church
& Open-fellowship

Articles & link regarding the desire to be in fellowship as a New Testament Church! 

Continuing Daily
a house church site
for encouragement
of the saints

(this is beautiful!)
Who I am in Christ

For an amazing number of devotionals, hymns, daily readings & more:

What does the Bible Say About Itself?
by Wes Spurling

CH Spurgeon
Readings for  Morning & Evening

My Utmost For His Highest

Too beautiful...
The LORD's Prayer:

Looking for a daily devotional?

Elisabeth Elliot's Daily
Our Daily Bread

This site has Great articles!
Bible Bulletin Board

Exposing Cults
False Teachers

Do you have assurance of  Salvation?
Or, where you will go when you die? 

Do you have assurance Who holds all of your today's and all of your tomorrow's?  
Do you know that you can know & walk with Jesus & truly have  true peace that's beyond all understanding? It's all a matter of faith in Jesus Christ, accepting His Lordship over your life; the One and only Saviour of mankind who died for your sins that you might be restored to fellowship with God and never face the penalty of the judgment of Hell. 

Knowing Jesus as Saviour and LORD provides for restored fellowship with God, eternal life in the presence of God. Denying Jesus as LORD means eternal separation from God and no hope for eternity.  Many say all roads lead to God... and they are right.  All roads do lead to God, for He is the Supreme Judge of ALL mankind.  He will either judge and welcome into heaven those who call Him LORD or condemn to eternal outer darkness those who denied Him in this life.

Make a pot of tea, get your Bible, a special pen and journal, just light a pretty candle and spend some early morning quiet time with the  LORD.   You'll not remain the same.

On developing journaling,

Prayer & Quiet time
helpful ideas for you to encourage
your daily time with the LORD

A Titus 2 Journey
A 23 week study of Weekly questions &
projects for your own personal or Titus 2
 group;  designed to be copied and used for  

a weekly  Bible Study for Women.

Christian Belief & Understanding
"know what & why you believe"


What's on the Bookshelf?
In a Christian Home there ought to be many good books & resources to help in Christian training & discipleship. We have magazine  suggestions, too.

Notable Quotables
sayings and opinions that shape our own.

Husbands & Fathers

Solid information, good articles, Bible helps, links & resources just for men!

For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs are the way of life.
Proverbs 6.23

Just for Young Men
A page of helps, instruction,
and suggestions for the
bookshelf of a man.


Today's national & world
News & Headlines
Lots of news-site links for you to track what's going on in our nation and our world.


Go ye into all the World. Missionaries, organizations, ministries, publications... Ministries you can support! Write missionary today... your prayers & your support are vital!!

and Teaching at home

Ideas and links to help you with decisions & materials for teaching children at home.  Each page is filled with helps, ideas and links to make homeschooling easy for your family to do! Additional helps, here:


Online Encyclopedia!


Dictionary Thesaurus
& 1828 Dictionary

and other helps

USE a search engine to locate sites... don't just browse the net indiscriminately

We have a guestbook  that you may sign! It's an encouragement
to us to hear what readers appreciate as it helps us locate and add useful things & links to our site


Our Logo page
you may place one of
our logos on *your*
site if you'd like

you may email pamela
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pamela AT

is our
site host   

For personal mail, your inquiries, encouragement  
for this ministry, etc.   Please write us.

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Calendar of events & trivia
Lots of odds 'n ends for you
Obviously not "Christian Based"



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