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Natural health solutions, health products, message board, newsletter, encouragement and help for your personal health needs and questions.
A site that will provide the information you need to know on all topics related to PMS, menopause, natural progesterone, and hormones.

Links to dozens of sources for natural foods


Though I have long understood the integral relationship of health and nutrition, I have not practiced 100% healthy eating, and will likely never eat an entirely healthy diet.   However... I am learning and will pass on ideas and tips to you as I find them and learn to incorporate them into our diet and nutrition.

Some of the sites I will share with you are "Christian" sites and some are not.  I share this disclaimer for your benefit and to let you know that I do not endorse all the ideas shared on a site (known or unknown to me).  I will try to never steer you to a site that is contrary to the Christian walk.  Please share any feedback you feel necessary to good representation of the LORD.

Another "disclaimer"
Diet is becoming more and more controversial everyday.  Some will argue that high protein is bad, some will say that the proportion to carbohydrates is the key, some will say that all natural is the key, and still others say that fat/carbohydrate/calorie ratio is what one should consider first.  Some argue that the meats, milk products and other foods we eat are too risky because of the hormones, pesticides and additives.  Some feel that there are too many conflicting views and so they don't really hold to one school thought or another.   Some say that all things in moderation are lawful.  I am surely no health expert and so everything I share with you on our site comes with a disclaimer, and it is simply that the suggestions below and the charts and information on our Nutrition Pages are merely ideas and suggestions, you must decide for yourself what is best for you---these are not intended to be any thing more than options for you to consider and to use if you choose to do so.

Here are some sites that give a great deal of information and understanding of foods,
nutrition and related resources:

Here is a site that will give you lots of information and link you to resources for many things in the health and nutrition fields.   Go Here: ---this   is the new name for this 'old' site: home health resource.  You will be able to review different items for sale---grain mills, juicers, herbs,   lots of other healthy & good things.

More health information of all sorts:   (I am not a Health Food fanatic----I have so much to learn!  ----So some links I share will not seem totally natural & healthy to those who are well educated in this field, or to those who eat only natural whole foods.)

Diet and Weightloss Helps
A Woman of Value Ministries
with Norma Daulton

To Your Health
Do you have a specific health question?
Try typing it in search engine and you will see if any of the 15,000 pages
Dr. Mercola has compiled will answer it for you.


All back issues of the eHealthy Newsletter are available on the web at:  

Things we all really ought to know about common foods *we (*some of us) might eat:



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