A section of A Christian Home featuring articles & ideas
of interest to young ladies preparing for homemaking, Christian service,
courtship and a life of obedience to God's Word

Just for Young Ladies


This is the page where you can come and take some  time for a cup of tea and to sit at your computer to read articles, and find modest clothing and to look at safe links & websites.  We've gathered many links and articles that we've found helpful and seek to continually add good resources.   Thank you for coming by today.

Don't go around kissing frogs!

Save all your kisses and let the very first kiss
you give be given at the alter of your wedding
to your husband for life.

A Weddingtime Poem 
and  Courtship 
   and relationship issues   

---pamela and kathryn

Click for a LARGE listing of magazines, newsletters
and resources for young ladies and keepers at home

A Hope Chest (this is another one of our pages)
A way to perfect skills, develop personal taste and preferences,
and to gather needed items for a future home is to build or buy
and then begin filling a "Hope Chest" of your own.

You can read about the inspiring life of the author of the book,
The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love, about hope chests and traditions,
and gather ideas and patterns for sewing for your Hope Chest ~
Soon many products and patterns will be added to this site.

The Hope Chest Legacy
The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love   (book)
by Rebekah Wilson
Reebekah also has many other thoughts to share and suggestions for skills you
will want to develop.  One such skill is beautiful penmanship.  You can read
all about pens, & dipping ink, about
the Spencerian Penmanship course and
you can order the materials from  Keepers of the Faith



Raising Maidens of Virtue:
A Study of Feminine Loveliness for Mothers and Daughters  
by  Stacy McDonald

Read a Sample Chapter from this new book here!

Authentic Beauty
Leslie Ludy's   Authentic Girl

Girls of Faith
Here's another wonderful site to help you learn more about the traditions
of  Hope Chests; necessary skills for homemaking and creating traditions.

Girls of Faith --- hopechest books

Kentucky Hills Cedar

This site has many beautiful chests of many sizes and styles for you to choose. 
You'll also be able to see some other items they offer.


Have questions about your future?  Wonder about schooling, income, proper dress & behavior,
courtship and homemaking?  Here are a few ideas for you to add to your resources. 

A "new to me" site that will encourage and inspire you and encourage you in the faith

GraceWorks specialties
His Chosen Bride... rewritten... planners, courtship story, encouragement and more.

Visionary Daughters
Visionary Daughters.com is the website of
Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin, authors of the book
So Much More:
The Remarkable Influence of Visionary Daughters
on the Kingdom of God.

Brand new website for young ladies~
Nurturing young ladies toward
biblical womanhood.
Genteel Girlhood
Titus 2 Ministry
Encouragement for today's old fashioned girl

Seeking Encouragement for the convictions you hold dear?
Young ladies all over the world are waiting on and seeking the Lord in the matters of life, companions and marriage.
I Dont Date
Encouragement for you as you say: I Don't Date.

A Life of Faith
Ordinary Girls ~ Extraordinary Faith
Before The Kiss
a website all about the why's and how's of Courtship
and much, much more

virtuous womanhood

A Beautiful Way
book & music suggestions ~  tea party ideas

A site dedicated to building up and encouraging daughters
to mature and live in obedience to the Word
Preparing Daughters
Message Boards  ~ Cook book  Magazine & Book Suggestions

Click here to go to PreparingDaughters.com

A wonderful page on Annie's Homepage
Young Lovely Christian Ladies

Here's a helpful site that will keep you busy for hours!! 


The Covenant Wedding Source
is also known as
Biblical Womanhood

I'm happy to recommend this site as it's in keeping with our views regarding what we see as biblically based courtship & marriage for the children in our family. Covenant Wedding Source can be your source for everything you need for your wedding and an invaluable resource of Hope Chest, Courtship, and Wedding ideas. Just click on the banner above to visit their site today! You can now purchase books from this website--- things you will need for youth and later for home and family needs.


These are merely suggestions to help you discover  or better understand God's plan for your life.
In addition to websites and articles you might copy & save,  there are good magazines... to encourage you in your walk.

An Encouraging Word

Homeschool Digest

both are invaluable websites
and magazine resources

HopeChest  magazine Nurturing Young Ladies Toward  Biblical Womanhood

2255 Buffalo Springs Tpke
Monroe, VA 24574


Making It Home

Encouragement for Mothers and Families
The website and magazine for inspiration
for motherhood, home and family.

Above Rubies  PO Box  681687
Franklin TN 37068-1687

Titus 2 Ministry
Genteel Girlhood
 Encourages young, Christian girls,
who are seeking to live a Godly lifestyle,
 set apart for the Lord's service

Genteel Girlhood

P.O. Box 55 Middletown,
MO 63359-0055

Crowned with Silver
Godly homemaking wisdom from bygone eras. 
This magazine is geared for older ladies, but daughters
who are seeking biblical womanhood will enjoy it, too.


PO Box 403  Masonville,
CO 80541-0403

What a Godly Man Should Look Like
Kathy Gruben

"I would use these words to describe this wonderful man of virtue....

Noble, chivalrous, courageous, fun, true, wise, loyal, passionate, protector, gentle, humble, strong, self-sacrificial, adventurous, patient, loving, kind, serving, intelligent, polite, family centered, lover of truth, steeped in the Word of God, prayerful and hospitable.

These are not the kind of guys that you always notice first in a crowd. But they are the ones that you admire most once you do notice them. They are the ones who go to the person sitting on the side of the church looking left out, and shake hands with a smile. They are the ones that you will find at home instead of in youth group. You will see them sitting with their folks rather than passing notes in the back of church with their friends. You will find them helping in the kitchen or taking out the trash, walking the ladies to their cars and carrying diaper bags even if they don't belong to them.

You'll find them with other guys, in deep discussions about theology, worldview philosophies, politics, and books rather than just talking about the latest football games, computer games and girls. Yet, they can converse on these topics too when needed :- ) . These are the guys who walk on the outside of the sidewalk to protect the lady whom they might be with, and are always watching for ways to take care of her as a sister. When looking for a mate, they want the one who is at home (or wants to be) and "hangs out" with her mom and siblings more than her buddies.

They love a good time, but it usually entails sword fighting, ultimate Frisbee, board games, hiking, touch football,  night tag, water balloon fights and G rated movies rather than sports teams, dancing at the bar or movies with violence and sex-who cares if they are in their 20's! A big night on the town includes taking the siblings to the grocery store, the library or out for miniature golf. They are passionate about the things of God and they do not bend on their convictions, no matter what others may say or do. They don't care that some might see them as "goody-goody" or strange for not dating or for spending so much time with their family-they are proud of it!

You might see them on the road at 6:30am rushing to get to a 7:00am catechism class, even though no one is making him go. You will find them in family worship, singing or playing the piano, teaching God's word to his family or sitting at his fathers feet. They write marvelous heart felt letters of encouragement when needed and yet might not say too much by way of personal stuff to many. They keep confidences. You might easily see him with a crowd of little ones about him as he helps to teach them something or play with them. He will watch an old movie and play cards with his siblings or parents ,even when he would rather be playing "Stronghold Crusader" on his laptop.

He would give up his very life for his savior, his ideals and his family. He makes ice cream floats of all kinds-even strange concoctions- and gives his mom tea in bed. He bakes birthday cakes for his friends with his sister's recipes. He learns follow a recipe and make things in the crock-pot because he wants to be able to at least take care of his wife when the baby comes. You are likely to find him under a car, on top of a roof, mowing a lawn, mending the fence, writing a book, working the night shift to help the family-anywhere that will require hard work, initiative and drive-but not for his own sake.

They are so admired and dearly loved by their families because they are an indispensable source of joy and encouragement, strength of character and servitude. They are never truly independent, because they have come to that wonderful place in the Christian life where they realize, that they must be dependent on God alone in His sovereignty, and the people that He has placed in his life.

Therefore, he is a true man's man. A giant. One to look up to. A hero. A leader among his peers. Strong, steady, dependable and one that you could place your life and the lives of your children into his capable and loving hands-with no regrets or fears."

Kathy Gruben 2006


A Letter from a Grandmother

Dear Maidens,
        I would love to share with you how wonderful being a grandmother of a young lady is, and the joys that you can share with your grandmother if she is near. Yesterday, I had the privilege of wrapping up my 12 year old first grandchild, Sarah in one of my aprons and baking bread and making cup cakes with her. She was eager to learn about baking and we laughed and talked as we measured, blended, kneaded and rolled dough and made cakes. Sarah had never even thought that you could make bread at home, so it was an adventure and a challenge for her to do this. Oh, how delighted she was when the yeast made the bread rise, and when the bread at last was ready to eat, she was excited like a little girl- which she still is really. She is my woman-girl grandchild who shared her hopes and dreams with me as we washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

We talked about many things to do with baking and cooking, housecleaning and food hygiene and presentation. But most of all we shared about the future ministry of being a wife and mother. Quietly I answered her questions as she opened up her heart to me-.questions on dating, purity, marriage, birth and breast-feeding and beginning the journey of womanhood and the importance of keeping her thoughts guarded as she starts secondary college and beyond. Sarah and I glowed as we relished the close relationship that a grandmother can have with her grand-daughter and I would encourage you to seek out your grandmother for wisdom in all things...she has a wealth of life experience that she would love to share with you. Grandmother will never replace Mother, but she will find a special place in your heart and memories that only a Grandmother can if you seek her out. Not only will you be blessed, but Grandmother will be blessed that she can impart her knowledge and love to you as she imparted it to child, your Mother , before you. Our wise God has told us older women to teach the younger women (our daughters, and our grand-daughters, and yourselves) His ways... and His ways are good.   May you and your Grandmother be blessed in your fellowship together. 

Blessings from a grandmother of 10 (so far).              

Glenys Robyn Hicks

[Glenys is my friend... I have a special section here on our website that
features her work I call it: Spending Time With Glenys]


On the Bookshelf

  • Daughters of Destiny  by Noelle Wheeler -
           (now: Noelle Goforth)

  • His Chosen Bride  by Jennifer Lamp

  • Stepping Heavenward

  • Beautiful in God's Eyes - Elizabeth George

  • The Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman- Anne Ortlund

  • I kissed Dating Good-Bye - Joshua Harris

When God Writes Your Love Story
~Courtship  and  Life matters~
Eric & Leslie Ludy

The Two Shall Become One Flesh
The Biblical Standard for Finding a Marriage Partner


Christian Courtship Web Site

 The Courtship Connection
Here you "connect" with some of the BEST  courtship and character information available on the web.

~Articles on Biblical Courtship~ 
 Misty Mountain

Good Morals
Purity Links

The Truth About Sexual Sin
Winkie Pratney

The exorbitant price of sexual sin
by Randy Alcorn

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A Marriage Based on Courtship

A series of articles from Patriarch Magazine
God's Design For Scriptural Romance
in 9 parts

by John W. Thompson

Part One Part Two Part Three
Part Four Part Five Part Six
Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine 

The Courtship Connection:
Articles: christiancourtship.com
Castleberry Farms Press

What's Wrong With Dating?
by Pastor Art Kohl


~ Courtship ~ Betrothal ~ Courtship ~ Betrothal ~ Courtship ~ Betrothal ~ Courtship


Plain Path Publishers
Conservative KJV Homeschool, Church, & Christian School Materials Since 1985  plainpath.org

Courtship and then...
A Beautiful Wedding!

A Wedding time Poem

A humble cottage 'neath the hill,
 Where children laugh and romp at will
 With parents' tender love and care,
 How could their lives be else than fair?
 Oh, let them all be glad to-day,
 For swift the years will pass away,
 And when they're women grown, and men,
 'Twill never be the same again.
 The wedding bells may sweetly ring,
 And glory be on everything;
 But when one leaves the dear home nest,
 'Tis lonelier for all the rest.
 And if they one by one shall leave,
 How can the parents help but grieve?
 All come and go, and love but then,
 'Tis never quite the same again.
 Ah, well! Perhaps 'tis better so,
 That deeper meanings we may know.
 There is no loss, no grief, no pain,
 That may not bring its own sweet gain;
 And in that blessed land above,
 There'll be again one home, one love,
 Then one in heart, and one in name,
 At last 'twill ever be the same.

  -Mrs. Frank A. Breck



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