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Child Training


Many more articles and links in the Bible Study / Biblical and Church Issues Page on our site.
On that page, you will find relevant issues regarding "the church today" theology, Bible helps, studies and links to great articles!

Issues we face today are summed up in what is known as the Danvers Statement.  Please read & gain understanding.

Do The Next Thing  a poem quoted by Elisabeth Elliot


MORE articles/links in our section:
 Just for Young Ladies

To betroth or not?

What's Wrong With Dating?
by Pastor Art Kohl

Jennifer's Courtship Story

Never Been Kissed -

Castleberry Farms Press 

Courtship Stories

Dating vs. Courtship - 1 -Nathan Bailey
Dating vs. Courtship - 2 -Nathan Bailey
Dating vs. Courtship - 3 -Nathan Bailey
Dating vs. Courtship - 4 -Nathan Bailey
   Dating vs. Courtship - 5/6 -Nathan Bailey
Dating vs. Courtship - 7 -Nathan Bailey
Dating vs. Courtship - 8 -Nathan Bailey

The Dangers of Dating
-Philip Lancaster        

The Courtship Connection:


Parenting Issues

The Correction & Salvation of Children

What is the Goal of Child Training? -Reb Bradley

So, what do Christian Parents do about piercing - Douglas Wilson

The Christian and...

What about the Pill?

Hard questions.  
You might want to read this article and the footnotes... here:   *DisclaimerThis is not intended as an endorsement of the Couple to Couple League International organization, other publications or stands taken by the group or its affiliates. 

Being Fruitful:
A Biblical View of Birth control  Lancaster        

Family Planning?

The Christian Walk     

In Defense of Calvinism --Spurgeon

Gill's Statement of Faith

Lies in Disguise-Battling Temptation  

Learning to Make Wise Choices -Bradley    

Intro to Bunyan's Christian Behavior

Christian Behavior - Bunyan

Knowing God's Plan for your Life -Knox



On the one hand...

Head Coverings and Charity 
---by Douglas Wilson

The Woman's Head Covering
James B. Jordan
(many points of view we do not hold but this article
contains some valid arguments for discussion
on the particular topic of headcovering)

by Mitch Cervinka

The Covering God gives Every Woman

And then on the other...


Family Life

Male Passivity: The Root Of All Evil - Lancaster
Say No To Busyness  -Lancaster
Say Yes to Your Family - Lancaster

Daughters and Marriage -Sherman
Links that might have helpful articles for you


The Christian and Immunizations

The Christian and...
The Home
Home Education is God's Idea

What should we do about "graduating" 
our children from homeschool?
Alternative to Graduation

The magazine: "Patriarch"
no longer being published
 the articles you may have read in the past at
now at:
Lets Learn


The Church Today

Weeping Between The Porch & The Alter- 1  
Weeping Between The Porch & The Alter- 2 

The Separation of the Church -- Spurgeon

Articles, Credenda Agenda, and more.
Doug Wilson's sermons, listen online.

This page has to be developed...

Hope for Christians in Conflict
Peacemaker Ministries

Midwest Christian Outreach
Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc.
P.O. Box 455
Lombard, IL 60148-0455

 Judicial :: Do You Have A Foundation, Or Just An Opinion?
The Judicial Forum was begun by the late Supreme Court Justice William C. Goodloe in 1988. It was his desire to establish a system of
judicial accountability to keep the voters informed of the activities of those who work within the judicial and legal system in Washington State.


For Thou hast been a shelter for me,
and  a strong tower  from the enemy."  
psalm  61.3



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