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Good Things and Recipes Letters
by pamela spurling, 
these homemaking & recipe letters written to homemakers were originally sent to email subscribers

I wish I had saved all the years of messages before I lost the email list host and server---but these are perhaps some helpful letters.

June 11, 2005
Blessing Husbands and Fathers Everyday

May 4, 2005 Good things and Recipes
Mother's Day

November 17, 2004 Good Things and Recipes
Thanksgiving Planning

October 20th 2004 Good Things & Recipes
Boston Cream Pie ~ Parker House Rolls

August 25th 2004 Good Things and Recipes 
Maple-Pumpkin Cheesecake, Lentil-Rice Casserole
 Amish Friendship Bread

August 18, 2004
Gardening, Maple cookies, Dutch Babies

August 10, 2004
Peanutbutter Pie, Travel,  Hope Chest


Mother's Day 2001

May 19, 2004
More chicken, Cookies in a Jar
Drawer carts, supplies, etc.

May 12, 2004
Chicken recipes, Gift Jars, etc.

May 5, 2004
recipes, household tips

March 20, 2004
tips, cookbooks, Greek Recipes
March 11, 2004
House-keeping & Home Keeping

December 20, 2003

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