Thanksgiving Planning

Well… all I want to share this week is some encouragement to take care  of things that need doing and try to “forget” the rest. I know that’s easier said than done! Since next week is Thanksgiving here in the United States, there are many preparations, many menu items to plan, shop for, and to prepare.

I suggest that you just keep a tablet or notebook handy and jot down the things that you’d like to accomplish before next week. Sort of do a mental planning of what needs to be done, who’s available to do what, how long each thing will take to prepare or accomplish and what menu items or grocery items do you need to plan for and when will you shop. If you sort of do a “backwards” planning---starting with next Thursday and looking backward to today, what do you need to do by each day? This is an easy way to plan for most any occasion---not just Thanksgiving. 

Here are some ideas for you: WRITE THINGS DOWN on a Kitchen tablet or a  Kitchen Log
(Sections for notes, phone calls, menus, grocery lists, etc.).  Get your recipes out, too.

  •       As you plan for the big day, keep copies of menus, lists, schedules,
    “time-frames,” table decorations and tableware you’re going to use, and any
    decorations you’d like to make or purchase for your home. There are so many
    “free things” in the yard that you can use for decorating.
  •      Do as much ahead of time as possible! Really! This will help you relax
    and be enjoyable to be around! Be sweet to your family! They will remember
    holidays or gatherings a lot by how *you* handle things. You are the heart
    of the home---be a sweetheart!
  •      Be sure to tidy up and even decorate a little outside your home --- this
    says Welcome Home! to your family and guests.
  •      For Inside your home, plan what decorations or decorating you want to do…
    a fall centerpiece, a fall wreath, leaves, branches, a “pilgrim-theme?”
  •  How about your “guest list?” Who’s coming to dinner?
  •     Set your menu plans and for your Thanksgiving dinner. This will be
    especially important if you have family or guests that will be bringing
    foods or contributing to the meal.
  •      Make “doubles” of foods and put away foods for the freezer---this will
    help you in the days ahead!
  •     Plan what you’re going to have for dinner *for the night before
    Thanksgiving* This will be a blessing to your family! Smile and serve them
    supper! Remember, sweetheart? ;-)
  •      If you keep a log in your kitchen---you’ll be able to make plans and check
    them off when they’re completed or make adjustments when needed!
  •      Plan the table ware, serving pieces, etc. you’ll use for the meal---even
    if it’s your “everyday” dishes. Get things cleaned up –this week- so you
    don’t have to wonder what to do next week.
  •      If you’re going to have a fresh Turkey… plan where you’ll store it. If
    you’re going to have to thaw a frozen turkey, plan a few days in advance
    where you are going to thaw it. Refrigerator? Ice chest?
  •     This time of year, especially, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This
    is the time of year I clean out cabinets and drawers very thoroughly. I
    wipe off bottles and jars, sometimes replenish baking supplies, I wipe out
    cabinets and drawers and replace things neatly. I try to order the pantry
    at this time of year, too. I “maintain things” all the time ---but *really*
    clean them at this time of year---the homey time of year! In the spring and
    summer, there’s much to do outside; this time of year, there’s much to do
  •      You may think ---it’s time to cook… how in the world do I have time to
    clean?!? Well… just take a cabinet a day… a drawer, too, and you’ll get
  •      Delegate, delegate, delegate! Have chores for everyone to complete EACH
    day! Count down to the day and you’ll have things neat and tidy. But,
    remember, sweet-heart, be sweet about it! Yes, you do need to be neat about
    it, but be sweet about it!
  •      Make Cranberry relish –this week-- (if your family likes it!).
  •     Do your baking a couple of days before Thanksgiving.
  •      Try to think of all the things your dinner table will need and plan for
    those things. Beverages, rolls & butter and jam; other condiments, coffee &
    tea, sugar and cream. 
  •      Remember… in addition to your family hoping to eat on Thanksgiving Eve,
    remember in all your preparations, they’ll need breakfast on Thanksgiving
    morning! Remember, sweet-heart? :-)
  •      Think about the activities of the day… what would you like to do? Games,
    slides, pictures, memory-makers? Think about it all in advance! You’ll be
    so happy during the day if you plan in advance.
  •     For any last minute things that come to mind… write them down… try to
    accomplish them---but! If you can’t… forget about it. Relax---be sweet.
    It’s not worth it to be ghastly that day –or any day!
  •      Clean your home well a couple of times between now and then. This way,
    each day will only require a tidy-up. If that’s not possible, then do the
    best you can to make your home feel refreshing!
  •       The day before Thanksgiving, clean up all around, dust and vacuum, clean
    the sinks and potties and be done with it.
  •      Prepare what you can and rest.
  •      And remember… your family may not remember all that went into the
    preparations, all that you fixed, all that you “slaved over” and
    sacrificed, but they will remember how “holidays” were at home…

    Remember you’re the heart of your home. Be a sweet one. All the stuff won’t matter a bit. Really it won’t.  Help them remember Jesus in you. Help them remember their mama had a sweet and tender heart.

    Many blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving, sweet-heart.

    With love, pamela