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New Gift Ideas for  You!
You can make gifts for loved ones---family and friends for any occasion, and they don't have to be expensive to demonstrate your love and admiration. 
 You can make gifts from items you may currently have around your home or can easily and usually inexpensively purchase from grocery or variety stores.
Good Things Gift Ideas for Any Occasion
Good Things Gift Baskets

You can make a gift like the one Lisa has designed for this graphic above. countryclipart.com
Using craft wire for connecting and hanging, you can cut hearts from thin pieces of wood, drilling little holes to thread the craft wire through,
paint them with acrylic craft paint and spray with a poly urethane. Use a pretty fabric or ribbon bow on each end for hanging on the wall.  
Leave "tails" on the bow to hang down and look pretty. You can also make hearts from fabric, cut and sewn together (sew right sides together,
leaving a small space for turning the heart right side out and for stuffing, then stitch the small opening closed. 
Then link the hearts together with wire or ribbon
, making a bow at each end for hanging.  Use your imagination!


Padded Hangers
A gift you can make for a special lady... This is for hanging sweaters or dresses needing a padded hanger.  Purchase a package of satin padded hangers (usually 3) and 3 five inch in diameter lace or crocheted doilies, also silk ribbon roses in your colour preference, and ribbon to compliment the roses and the colour of the padded hanger.  You slip hanger "hook" through the doily center and anchor it with a few slipstiches or hot glue stick. Then make some bows with the ribbon and set the ribbon roses on top of the ribbon bows anchoring them with stitches or hot glue.  Leave 12 inches or so of ribbon ends hanging down.

For a new bride, you can do this all in white, using strands of pearls to make some loops and then satin bows over the tips of them to anchor them down.  Mothers seem to also like this gift.


Button Pin
Another very fun gift to make and to give is a heart shaped button pin.  You will need a sturdy piece of cardboard, an assortment of buttons, and pin back (purchase at the craft store) and hot glue.  To begin, you cut the cardboard into the shape of a heart (this will be at the most 3" across) then you will begin arranging the buttons in a pleasing cluster... rearranging until you have a grouping you like. Then glue the buttons in place... overlapping them as you go.  You may end up using a dozen or so buttons or far less if the buttons are larger.  Then glue the pin backing on and allow to dry.  Make up a little card for your gift bag.... you can say:  "You're cute as a button!"

Heart Pin
You can make heart pins from fabric, cut into the shape of a heart & sewn together (sew right sides together, leaving a small space for turning the heart right side out and for stuffing, then stitch the small opening closed.  You would then finish with a pretty button sewn at the center and a pin backing stitched or glued to the back.  You can make the small heart of patchwork, too.


Here's a new gift idea from WendyMcD  
Bubble Bath Jelly Jars
      1 packet Unflavored Gelatin
      3/4 cup Water
      1/2 cup Clear Liquid Soap or Bubble Bath
      Fragrance Oils - as desired
      Food Coloring - optional
      Small objects (silk flowers, toys, small figures, etc.)
      1/8 sheet Cardstock weight Paper
      Ribbon, Yarn or Raffia (for bow to tie label on jar)
      Clear container with lid, such as a small glass canning jar
Empty the packet of gelatin into a large mixing bowl. Set aside. Heat water in a saucepan, until just boiling. Immediately remove water from heat source. Carefully pour the hot water into the large mixing bowl and gently mix with gelatin powder. Allow gelatin to completely dissolve. Be patient!  This may take a few minutes. Slowly and gently stir in the liquid soap to the gelatin mixture. Add a drop of food coloring and 5-8 drops of fragrance oil. Be careful not to beat mixture or bath jelly will become foamy.  Pour mixture into a clean, clear container. Place your chosen small object inside container, nesting it inside jelly. Refrigerate Bubble Jelly until set (about 4 hours). As the jelly sets, come up with a name for your creation. Then using your cardstock paper and ribbon, make a label for the jar. Attach label to bath jelly jar by punching a hole in one corner of the label.  Thread ribbon, cut long enough to tie around the jar, through hole on label. Tie around the jar!  (You can also decorate your jar with additional small items or dried flowers, as desired.)

To use: Scoop a small amount of jelly (1 - 2 Tbsp.) into your hand and hold under warm running water for a bubbly bath treat! Note: This craft can be made for both children as well as adults! The container and object placed in the jelly can be adjusted to the likes and interests of the person you are making it for. Let your imagination run wild, and you can come up with some very imaginative bath jelly jars!   

You can learn more about Wendy & be blessed ...visit: http://www.wendysmodestdress.com  She has many designs for you personally, or for you to give as gifts.  This is a personal home business ministry.


Need a pattern?
Look in our
Modest dress section.

Remember, you can make "cookies in a jar" mixes in quart mason jars... these make excellent gifts... even "hostess gifts" for you to give during the holidays.  Look in our Cooking Good Things   section

Another Good Thing you can make... gifts for the freezer for helping someone during an illness, or for after a baby is born into a family.

You might be surprised at how much a neighbor would appreciate a gift of cookies on a plate!  If you have never really gotten to know a neighbor, this is a very good "opener" for future conversations!  Yours just might be the only friendly gesture they experience today!

Make time for someone today!

Give a tree... yes, a tree to someone you love!

 It will bring years of pleasure
and remembrance of you!  

There are many
gift "baskets"
you can make up
and give. 
Think of the special interest of the person on your list...
the ideas are limitless!

I just received a gift I'll always love!  It is a collage of pictures of our children. Our friend got pictures from one of our daughters  (unbeknownst to me) and copied them and made the collage with a poem in the center of the grouping.





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