There is loving help & hope for you...
 if you have had an abortion or know someone struggling with grief, shame, guilt and loss resulting from abortion.

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Are you hurting ...  and have nowhere to go, no one to talk to
about your heartfelt grief, guilt
& painful memories?

My good friend recently introduced me to a ministry in which she is involved---actually, this is an issue I've never really addressed here or personally dealt with, but many women have shared with me their heartache over past abortion and so I have created this page to offer help & hope to those who suffer from a myriad of emotions associated with abortion.

Healing Hearts Ministries

Healing Hearts Headquarters Office P.O. Box 7890, Bonney Lake, WA 98390

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 Do you have a story of hope you would like to share with others?
write me: pamela
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Do you have questions about life before birth, the morality issues concerning abortion, help for "unwanted" pregnancy, or other questions?

Do you have questions about life, pregnancy, abortion, etc.?
This site also has numerous pages devoted to questions & answers to most any question a
Christian would have on just about any topic.

(I didn't come across any information that
contradicts our theological position or understanding)

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*****The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource list

(*****This isn't a "Christian" site---at best would be considered "ecumenical" and thus being the case, I would not generally endorse it, HOWEVER, I believe there would be valuable helps regarding locations of pregnancy resource centers, development of the unborn, pregnancy related info & help for those who've suffered due to abortion, etc.)


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