This page is dedicated with love to women who have PCOS.  I pray to continue to locate and fill this page with good and helpful information to encourage women who suffer from a condition that's difficult to understand and even more difficult to endure.  May the LORD be with and bless you if you are suffering from PCOS. You have our sincere love and sympathy.  

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      So you begin to notice you have a number of "symptoms" or conditions in your life that you perhaps don't see in or occurring with other women you know.  You've probably always thought there was just "something" wrong with you... you have unusual periods, maybe you don't have them at all, you may have uncontrollable or unexplained weight, that no matter how much you attempt to control your diet or exercise, you have a bit more "bulk" than other women you know.  Or, you have facial hair... and not just a few strays here and there, but, perhaps an embarrassing amount of facial or body hair.  Perhaps you have high blood pressure for your age and perhaps you simply "cannot" get pregnant. 

       You may wonder why in the world you still have acne when your skin should be clearing up now that you're out of adolescence.   When you have a physical exam and your blood work comes back with high numbers for hormones, cholesterol, blood pressure or you show insulin resistance, then perhaps you might look into the possibility that you have PCOS or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, sometimes referred to as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome.   What is PCOS? Is there help for you?  Yes.  Is there a cure?  No, apparently not really... but there is help to address some symptoms.   Apparently, because insulin resistance is the great problem, a low carb diet and elimination of weight makes a huge difference in PCOS sufferers.  Here are some PCOS treatment options: Standard Therapies for the treatment of symptoms of PCOS.



Letter Updated 1-31-10

Dear sisters...

This website, and this page, in particular is this Mother's Journey.  I hope my search for help for PCOS can help you, too.

If you have suspicions about your health or your daughter's health: *ACT* on them... meaning: if you think something's the matter something's just not quite right, then *go* get an opinion from a professional.  Ask questions!!  If you're not satisfied, ask more questions.  From personal experience, a family practice doctor may entirely miss the problem or misdiagnose your/your daughter's condition.  Please don't put things off till later!!  If you have suspicions now, don't "wait and see" what will happen. Years will go by.  Trouble or symptoms will intensify --- really: risk "hurting feelings" and *go* get help!  It's worth it to get help now, mend hearts along the journey to health.  Above all, pray for God's direction and His plan and purpose.

Don't put off that visit to a professional healthcare provider!!  Get as accurate a diagnosis as possible. GET INTENSIVE BLOOD WORK DONE!!  Have a pelvic examination (which may include a pelvic ultrasound), breast examination once a year, or more frequently if advised by your physician---fear or ignorance will only contribute to your problems---fear never helps anyone.

LEARN about healthful foods and then learn to incorporate them into your diet---you really can learn to eat healthful foods.    Improve your immune system and health by eating healthful foods, by drinking lots of water, by exercising regularly, by avoiding stressful situations, by getting enough sleep, and by avoiding self-destructive lifestyle habits---which probably aren't what you're doing, but it's important to examine things we do and why we do them. But an example might be: laziness... sedentary lifestyle---eat less and move a lot! ~smile~   Every day eat fresh, deep colored vegetables and lower carb fruits.  Eat a significant amount of protein and fiber and try to reduce fat in your diet---or at least, eat the right fats.  No pop! Lower salt!  Choose hormone-free meats, poultry, eggs and dairy.  Seek natural sources for your foods whenever possible.  Try to eliminate all processed foods/refined foods---this is hard for us as we have soooo many habits that need changing!  As our friend, Kelli, says: make a change at a time, slowly eliminate the worst things---slowly work from where you are to where you need to be. 

Again, above all: pray!  Abide in the LORD and Pray that the LORD will guide your path and direct your studies, plans and medical visits/decisions!!

With love and blessings for health and strength and the Lord's will.

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Some commonly prescribed drugs & therapies

  • Low Carb or Low Glycemic Index diets seem to hold a crucial key to diminishing PCOS Symptoms
               scroll down this page for ideas

  • Metformin (Rx)

  • Spironolactone (Rx)
    This drug seems to help with the reduction of excess facial/body hair that tends to be a common problem for women with PCOS.   Spironolactone is a diuretic, which gets rid of excess salt and water in the body. It also reduces androgen levels in women with PCOS.

    Vitex - Chaste Tree Berry (Natural herbal product for Women's Health - purchased at the health-food store or online)

    • These are the different conditions that Chaste Berry seems to help:  to normalize irregular or scanty periods, symptoms of PMS: cramps, headaches, depression, water retention, constipation, acne, breast tenderness, and irritability..  For women who stop taking birth control pills (to normalize cycles).

      These are the herbs and vitamins I'm looking into...

      Saw Palmetto
      Flax Seed
      Stinging Nettle
      Milk Thistle

      Alpha Lipoic Acid

[On January 27, 2008 Christina  M. from Meridian, Mississippi wrote:] “Hello, Just browsing your site and noticed the info on PCOS. I haven't seen any info on Iodine deficiency as the main cause so I'm assuming you haven't seen the work of Dr. Jorge Flechas of . I, too, had PCOS along with its two sister symptoms, fibrocystic breasts and thyroid nodules or goiter. I am free of all of these and owe it to the supplementation of Iodoral to my daily supplementation. I also have no more uterine fibroids. They are completely gone. Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me.


  • For more healthy ideas, I'll continue gathering info on helpful herbs and tinctures for PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, hormone activity/balance, etc.  I will post the page when more becomes available.  Weight loss seems like it's practically impossible for women who suffer from PCOS---but there are some very helpful ideas and plans and though the results occur very slowly, with diligence you really can lose weight.  The most important thing is to eliminate white food! Hard! yes!!  White food---refined foods---they really are poison and only exacerbate PCOS!!  High Glycemic Index foods, high carbohydrate foods are sabotage weight loss and only pack on weight.  Really... the hardest thing will be to *change* your thinking and *change* your lifelong habits!   Plan ahead for *every* situation... what you will eat, how you will *not* indulge---how you will *not* give in to "cravings" or give up when the weight loss is slow.  Your *LIFE* depends on what and how you eat---starting today.

    Here are some basic suggestions... these have proven to be helpful.  We are finding that it's VERY important to get a handle on PORTIONS, too---not just carbs and fats, and not just calories---but VOLUME!  Most of us eat too much---probably way too much!!

    WALK... exercise! LOSE WEIGHT for your health's sake, for your heart's sake. 
    This is a LONG HAUL project, not just a sprint!

    Every morning - begin the day with a tall glass of the juice of one lemon and warm water.
    This will cleanse, detox your liver and will help your body to be more alkaline rather than acidic.


    Go easy on the coffee... if at all.  Try to avoid caffeine and don't drink sodas---even diet sodas. 
     Just drink water with lemon, or drink Iced Tea (herbal) with lemon.

    Drink Water!
    Eat plenty of vegetables and then you can occasionally enjoy grapefruit, strawberries, berries, apples.   So.... Eat salads!  Eat Tuna or Salmon  Meats, eggs, fish are great.   Go easy on the Nuts & Cheese bcz of the high calories.  For breakfast, buy or make cereals with a base of oats, barley and bran --- eat a smaller portion.

    Drink More Water!

    Make or buy  breads with whole grains, stone-ground flour, sour dough
    Reduce the amount and frequency of potatoes you eat
    Enjoy most all  types of fruit and vegetables  by the way, watermelon is high and dried apricots are high.
    (bananas are very high: so eat these *rarely*)
    Use Basmati rice - but no more than a half cup---it's not necessary
    Try brown rice or grains like bulgur, wheat berries, millet, or hulled barley to have with your dinner.
    Smaller amounts of whole grain pasta, noodles, quinoa, too.

    Drink Lots of water!
    Again, eat plenty of salads, spinach, vegetables and use a vinaigrette dressing instead of the higher fat type.

Of course, *your* letters, ideas and suggestions and personal solutions are *welcome!*

The "Teal Ribbon" is the nationally recognized ribbon color for awareness and support of Ovarian Cancer and related Ovarian diseases.  The month of September has been chosen as the National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.


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What else can you do right *now?*
Get as healthy as you can.  Really.

There are also health concerns. Having PCOS makes you more prone to developing diabetes, with up to 35% of overweight PCOS sufferers showing signs by their 30s. There's also an increased chance of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which can lead to heart disease; of miscarriage, should you become pregnant; of breast cancer, and of endometrial cancer since, with irregular periods, the womb lining is not shed frequently.


More links and information will be added in I find them and as we learn more about PCOS and helpful treatments of symptoms.  Thank you for coming by today.  I pray the LORD will help you and encourage you and that you will receive the help you need and encouragement to have your health restored.  I pray the LORD will comfort you as you deal with difficult and often embarrassing situation and grief over what might seem like a hard road to travel.  God is sovereign and will carry you through as you trust in Him.

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