Kathryn's Letters, written from Jinja, Africa; a young woman's journey to love orphans in a distant land and to see the Hand of God - and to share it all with you.
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Letters From Africa

2007 photographs

On Safari in Uganda 2007

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  A Letter form Kathryn - April 26, 2008
       A letter from Kathryn - April 14, 2008
Photos from the Massesi village 4.10.08
     Photos - during the trip to a village
A letter from Kathryn - March 28, 2008
Jinja - Another week in Photographs
       Love - from Kathryn, for 3.14.08
   Kathryn's 2008 Photographs - page one
      First letter from Kathryn - 2008 Jinja
A Letter from Kathryn, January 20, 2008


 I’d rather live
with the scars of true love
than to close off
and be free of pain


to encourage & inspire you in your walk with the LORD and to share His goodness.



"Life isn't
about waiting for
the storm to pass,
it's learning to dance
in the rain.


 Kathryn received a warm welcome 'home' from her precious little favourite boy, Weiss.  It thrilled her that he totally remembered her. When she walked in through the gate, he called out, Auntie Kathryn! and then ran into her open arms.

God is good.
God is faithful.
God is merciful.
all the time.

Kathryn & Weiss - 2008



I want them to see me as
 more than 'the Mzungo who is
only here for her token mission's trip.


Would you consider how you might support Amani Baby Cottage?

Amani Baby Cottage
P.O. Box 1799
Jinja, Uganda   East Africa

Here are some of the babies at lunch
time in their little
Fuzzi Bunz diapers!

the latest pic of Kathryn - 2007
She says:  "My boy Weiss"

I wish you could be here right now!  I LOVE thunderstorms in Africa!  That's why I am even awake right now... major rainstorm The thunder is a constant low rumble and the rain is as heavy as a bathroom shower :) It would soak through ALL your clothes in a matter of seconds!  It's still too hot to sleep with more than a sheet."

Kathryn and baby Josephine

Kathryn and Joy

Kathryn and Julie

baby Sandra
[one year old - 8 (as in eight) pounds]
Note:  Baby Sandra is now safely home
in heaven  in the arms of Jesus.

a facebook photo

Kathryn and Melissa

eating dinner by candlelight

 As cold waters to a thirsty soul,
so is good news from a far country."

Proverbs 25.25

Kathryn's favourite place to eat
 and visit with friends in Jinja

a glimpse of Jinja through Joy's lens

Joy and Joseph



Kathryn holding a sweet little life in her hands


Kathryn and baby Anna and then with a couple of the "Mama's"

Melissa, Kathryn, Julie and Joy with babies

as Kathryn says... a scene straight out of National Geographic

Ahhhhh... the Supermarket. 
All the pleasures of home.  ~wink~

on the way to market

~ Joy ~
Kathryn and Joy     and      Kathryn and Weiss

baby Tolufina with malaria... resting by Kathryn... fever and listless.

We just received the postcard from Kathryn that 
was being mailed in the pic above.... so sweet.


back at home... in the kitchen, before the trip...

Did you know that Kathryn and Joy love to go to hockey games with all the friends
when they are home in the States?  And, that they have another favourite, too?

God has surely blessed this precious daughter beyond words to describe.
We have prayed for her to be blessed and used of the LORD in the lives of others,
that her feet would carry the Good News and the Gospel of Peace.
We have prayed that through her many would be drawn to the LORD and a
Saving knowledge of Him.
It is with humble and joyful hearts that we acknowledge His answers to prayer over and over.

Another part of Kathryn's life story...
Beautiful Feet
and the precious work of the LORD in her life.

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