Various and Sundry Links for a Christian Home

In Addition to our "Good Things" page, here are lots of Quick links for just about any need in the home


;-) A Christian Home

Handyman (or woman)Site
Lydia's Legacy
Keeper At Home
The Frugal Homemaker
All Things Frugal
Elizabeth George Ministries
Beth Moore Guides and Books
Women's Devotional Bible
Favorite Bible Studies For Women

Homeschooling - Child Training - Parenting
A Christian Home Homeschooling Page

A Letter: Depending On Jesus while Training Young Children

Rock Solid
A.C.E. School of Tomorrow
Denim Jumpers - Homeschool Stuff

Birth Love
Midwifery Today
Gentle Birth

In addition to our Cooking Good Things and Recipes Page
Here are some useful sites

Recipes and Healthy Eating:    Real Food Living
Pleasant Hill Grain  Sue Gregg Cookbooks


Screen It!
Know before you go!
[a bit liberal!!]

ChildCare Action Project

Grading the Movies



IRS forms and publications

Currency Exchange


Child Safety  ~  abduction prevention
"Child Shield USA is a company that is dedicated to protecting your children. Recent events have proven that conventional methods of teaching your children are not as effective. As parents you have to go beyond just telling them to say no to strangers.  To help parents in their time of need we have created the most powerful prevention kit available. This kit will not only educate you as the parent but it will empower your child with the most current information necessary to prevent abduction."

Need A Quote? 
Ever wonder, "How does that saying go?"

you can subscribe to
Quotes of the Day and more!

Have you wondered how things work??  Then this is the page for you... information on  how just about ANYthing works!!  

A guide to time zones, calendars & more!

If you have a question about ANYthing and EVERYthing, then here's the page for you!  You won't believe the abundance of information!       

Information for contacting
the White House:
Information for contacting representatives:
Information for contacting senators:

 Need Medical Help? 
Got a question???

Have you ever bought something at a second hand shop or a garage sale and wondered if it was safe or had been recalled by the manufacturer?

    Learn about re-calls, report unsafe products

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
                Saving Lives and Keeping Families Safe.

Birthstone information

For more than just stain removal and fabric guides...
you've got to see this great site...

Don't spread that email hoax! 
Check here for the latest information on hoaxes or legends circulating the internet!  
When in doubt---don't pass it on!!   Check these sites first!

The HoaxKill service was created to help you identify hoaxes and to actively combat them. To find out if a message is a hoax, you can look for it on this website. If it's not there, you can send it to us at for verification.

Too Much Information

Travel Transportation Weather

Conservative Sites

Answers to Pokemon mail by Berit Kjos
Biblical Discernment Ministries
christian counterculture
First Things Homepage
Introduction to Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries - Home of the Stonebridge Newsletter
Peninsula Bible Church
Ray C. Stedman-Discovery Papers
Reasoning from the Scriptures-Downloadable Articles
Religious cults and sects, doctrines and practices - Institute in Basic Life Principles
Solve Family Problems- SM Davis
The Cutting Edge
Watchman Fellowship: A Christian Response to Cults and New Religious Movements
Welcome to the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals


Biblical Romance
Biblical Romance - additional resources
Bob Siemon Designs Jewlry
Christian Courtship-John Thompson
Courtship Connection.
Courtship Connection: Character Connection
Courtship Vs. Dating
Courtship-Castleberry Farms Press
Purity Designs, Purity Ring

Home & Church

Home Church Dot Org
House Church Central
New Testament Restoration Foundation Home Page
Present Testimony Ministry
The National Center for Family-Integrated Churches -
uniting church and home
Watchman Nee and the House Church Movement in China I
welcome to

Legal Aspects

corp-sole - FAQ's
Start a Church watch out for 501c3
Better Business Bureau  Kelly Blue Book  Legal Information

Marriage-Divorce-Remarriage - causes

"Divorce And Remarriage From The Early Church To John Wesley" by David L. Snuth
Covenant Marriage Links
Addictions to pornography can be overcome!
Patriarch's Home Page - HOME - Free info on breaking porn and sex addiction.
Pornography - Road to Hell
Pure Intimacy: online pornography / affair
Pure Life Ministries
Setting Captives Free -  recovery from pornography addiction!


Cyber Hymnal
Paul's Midi Place
Songs of Praise - Songs by Theme
Steve & Annie Chapman
The Relevance of Hymns in Contemporary Society

Family Ministries

American Family Association, Inc.
Family Ministries Main Page
Family Reformation
Family Research Council
FamilyLife - Strengthening families, marriages & relationships
Focus on the Family
The American Christian Family

In addition to all the links we have throughout pages on our site, these are a few Women's and Daughter's sites that we find helpful and encouraging.
Daughters at Home
Daughters of Simplicity
Maidens In Waiting

Young Ladies Christian Fellowship
Young Women Stepping Heavenward

Above Rubies - Encourage family, motherhood, raising children
Biblical Headcovering: Scarf of Hidden Power, by Renee Ellison
Blessed Mother Magazine
Christian Handmaids
Christian Women's Head-covering Directory
Gateway to Joy - Family of Broadcasts
Hannah's Prayer: Christian Infertility & Pregnancy / Infant Loss Support
Headcoverings by She Maketh Herself Coverings
Just Moms - Christian Online Mother's Group!

Lact-Aid Catalog Breastfeeding Support
Ladies Against Feminism
Lilies of the Field
Marriage, the Fascinating Way, By Helen Andelin
Modest Clothing
Pilgrim Ministries
Quiver-Full! Digest Home Page
Safe Haven for Christian Women - Managers Of Their Homes!
Tubal Reversal Pricing
Tubal Reversal Specialists
WholesomeWear Styles
Womanhood Revisited

Church Related
Canon Press Books (800)-488-2034
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
Chalcedon Foundation
Christ Church of Moscow, Idaho
CRE - Constitution
Credenda Agenda
Desiring God Ministries
Evangelical Press
Francis Schaeffer, A Christian Manifesto
Grace Online Library
Highlands Study Center-Website Articles-RC Sproul JR
How to Teach and Preach "Calvinism"
John Bunyan
Reformation Ink: An Exhaustive On-line Selection of Reformation Resources
Reformed Christian Bible Study, Reformation Theology and Eschatology
Reformed Sermons - online Christian sermons and sermon outlines from Reformed Baptist pastors
Reformed Theology Resource Center
Richbarry Press-Theological Journey
Sound of Grace - Previous Articles
The Covenant Family Fellowship
The Early Church
The Highway: A Repository of Historic Christianity and the Reformed Faith
The Nicene Creed
The White Horse Inn - Today's Broadcast
Welcome to Messiah's

US Government

The United States Senate
U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page
Welcome To The White House

The Internal Revenue Service
Forms and Pubs

Christian Home School

Called To Home School
Christ-Centered Homeschool WebRing
Home Crusaders Online Homeschool Site
Homeschool Central - homeschool resources, links, and education
Homeschool Information Center
Homeschool World: The #1 Homeschooling Site on the Web
Homeschooling.... - Home and Family Suppliers
No Greater Joy-The Pearls The Church At Cane Creek
Wisdom's Gate Home Page

Crayola Kids: Color Your State Competition

A Beka Book - For School And Homeschool
Alpha Omega Publications
Christian Liberty Academy
Christian Liberty Academy Worldview
Christian Light Publications (Anabaptists: The Unofficial Page for )
Educational Accents
Hava Books Home Page
Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Greek vs Hebrew Links
Home Grown Families Web Page
Home Training Tools
Keepers of the Faith
Mantle Ministries-Little Bear Wheeler
Robinson Self-Teaching Homeschool Curriculum- Self-Teaching K-12 Homeschool
The Classics Curriculum
The Elijah Company - Providing homeschool products and solutions to the world!
Training Our Daughters to be Keepers At Home-The Ingrams
Unofficial Page for Rod and Staff Publishers
Used Homeschool Classifieds
Whole Heart Online
Homeschool Forms
Homeschool Forms to Print - Home Crusaders


CNN Interactive
Conservative News
Daily Press Internet Edition: Home page
DRUDGE REPORT -- Where Reality Shatters Illusion
USAToday: Front Page

Medical Reference and Vaccine Information
Natural Meds and some National links

How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds
Institute for Vaccine Safety
Juvenile Diabetes
National Vaccine Information Center
Refusal of Recommended Vaccines
Statutes and Exemptions
Vaccination Information & Choice Network - Vaccine/Vaccination/Immunization Dangers
Vaccination News
Vaccine Brochure Sample
AMA - American Medical Association Home Page - Home Page
Mayo Clinic Health Oasis: Information on Cancer - Alzheimer's Disease - Heart Disease and more
Medical Resources at CPMC
RxList - The Internet Drug Index -, Inc.

Names - Meanings

Baby Names! Baby Names! Baby Names!
BabyCenter | Baby Name Meanings
Hitchcocks Bible Names Dictionary
Name and Meaning Search Home
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    AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
    BigBook Directory Search
    Infobel Usa - Telephone Directories
    infoUSA Directory Assistance - White Pages Name Search
    US Phone Books White Pages Yellow Pages Reverse Search
    White Pages Phone Directory with Free People Search

    Reference Books

    CIA World Factbook 1998
    Encyclopedia Britannica
    Lookup Word in Websters 1828 Dictionary
    Merriam-Webster OnLine - Dictionary - Thesaurus - Word of the Day - Word Games -
    Word for the Wise
    Old Farmer's Almanac
    The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000
    TRAVEL - Dates - Shipping & Mailing - Worldwide directory of Bed and Breakfasts and Inns
    Flight Arrivals & Departures - Flight Listings
    MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
    Maps On Us: Welcome!
    RLM Software -- Flight Tracker

    FedEx Express | Tracking | Results Detail



    The List (Internet Service Providers)

    The official U.S. time - clock


    USPS Address and ZIP Code Information

    Storm and Weather

    Atlantic Tropical Weather from
    FEMA: 404 Error Page
    Meteorology Guide: the online guides
    National Hurricane Center / Tropical Prediction Center
    NWS Internet Weather Source
    NWS Southern Region
    Weather Underground: Welcome to The Weather Underground

    More United States Weather Etc.

    AtlanticOcean - Intellicast HIRES
    United States - Intellicast HIRES
    United States - Intellicast Precipitation totals
    United States - Intellicast Radar
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    United States - Intellicast Radar Summary
    CNN - Weather Main Page
    The Disaster Center Index Page
    The Hurricane Season
    UnitedStates Active Tropical by Intellicast