A Medical Resource Page

 This page contains links and information about different medical conditions, procedures,
treatments, etc. for ailments or conditions we've experienced or ones that friends have faced.

The PCOS page is continually updated with good and helpful information to encourage women who suffer from PCOS: a condition that's difficult to understand and even more difficult to endure.  May the LORD be with and bless you if you are suffering from PCOS... you have our sincere love and sympathy.

Pelvic Prolapse - definitions, problems, solutions.
Pelvic Prolapse: Entrocele, Rectocele, Cystocele, Vaginal Vault, urinary incontinence,
Rectal Prolapse:

My very Personal Journey Pelvic Prolapse surgery and recovery (graphic... tasteful, but graphic)
Written for women----mothers of many children.

aching feet...

Because our daughter has had severe problems with her feet requiring extensive surgery, we've researched foot surgery & correction options.  If you are experiencing foot pain, pronation (flat feet), bunions, hammer toes, etc., etc. then you really ought to see a professional.  A Podiatrist will examine your feet/toes and will advise you as to the proper treatment and care of your feet and/or foot problems.

One interesting note: Even if one has no apparent foot difficulties or deformities, our doctor recommends orthotics (professionally fitted shoe insert foot supports) for everyone!  His office also recommends Birkenstocks for daily footwear.  Yay... Birkies are not only quick and easy to put on, they're good for you!


Problems of the Foot
The Institute for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction at Mercy

A poem for Kathryn

http://www.footpain.org/bunion.html http://www.footcaredirect.com/bunion.html

not for the squeamish

Great Toe...
The surgical photographs are VERY graphic and may cause you to feel sick viewing
them if you're not VERY comfortable with surgical procedures, dissection, etc.


unilateral hearing loss or single-side deafness

love to those facing cancer

Other Medical Concerns

Calcium deficiency leads to MANY physical ailments


Gland Central, a comprehensive web resource dedicated to your thyroid health.  


Do you know someone who has a medical need or condition?
A free service allowing patients (or anyone receiving care) to communicate with their family and friends using a Web Page. Easy to follow steps allow you to create and update your own Web Page. http://www.caringbridge.org/index.htm
The Web Page can be used to keep others informed about:

  • someone having surgery

  • cancer treatment

  • a new baby announcement

  • an elderly person at a center

  • a child in a pediatrics unit
  • a bedrest mom - waiting for the big day
  • someone rehabilitating after a trauma
  • a baby in the NICU



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