The Hope Chest
...investing today in the
generations of tomorrow.


Learning from Yesterday,
Living for Tomorrow,
in Every Moment Today.

The Hope Chest is an accumulation of the best of  previous
generations, a collection of knowledge, skills, goods and hopes
for tomorrow, governed by wisdom gained from living in the
light of the Word and guided by faith in God.  That's why,
Rebekah says, it's "a legacy of love."

"That our sons may be as plants
grown up in their youth;
that our daughters may
be as corner stones, polished
after the similitude of  a palace:"

Psalm 144.12

The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love by Rebekah Wilson

While we have resolved to train up our children, to prepare godly foundations
for future generations and passing family heirlooms to our children,
we owe a debt of gratitude to Rebekah for the inspiration and encouragement
she's given our family to also begin the hope chest legacy for our sons and daughters.

Wes made a Hope Chest for Kathryn for her eighteenth birthday.  It was the first piece of "furniture" Wes had ever made and was a labour of love for his sweet daughter.  He was blessed to have the help of his dear friend, Mike, and the use of his tools and expertise.  As they've worked together for years and become more than brothers in the LORD, Wes has learned a great deal from Mike and so it was totally natural for him to be a part of this project and the culmination of a dream of mine for our daughters to have Hope Chests for their homes.  Kathryn has had Rubbermaid bins serve as her "Hope Chest" until she received her gift.  It seemed that we allowed *not* having a hope chest to prevent us from preparing for her future and then it became obvious that we could still do all the collecting and preparing even though she didn't have the actual wooden chest.  It is such a blessing to her that her Daddy made it specially for her and that he surprised her completely as he carried it in to her on her birthday. 

A number of years ago, I had shared with her that I would be giving her my mother's china for her home and she began to collect table linens and other serving pieces.  In time, she would add other pieces, flatware and other keepsakes to her Rubbermaid bins that functioned as her "Hope Chest."  For her birthday, in addition to a couple of serving pieces, my grandmother's crystal sugar bowl, and other gifts, she received a service for twelve, set of 'everyday' dishes from dear friends of ours.  They know her style "preference"  and so chose beautiful solid white dishes with a fluted edge.  They're so elegant!  I share these things because they're part of our story, part of the purpose we have in the training of our sons and daughters. Our daughters are learning skills now as they serve here in our home that will enable them to smoothly handle a home of their own one day.  I'd feel comfortable with either of our older daughters running our home today were the need to arise, they'd be able to do anything I know how to do and they'd do very well.  This is such a blessing from the LORD!


Young Men

When the boys become teens, they've received tool chests and tools and for different birthday's and other occasions, Wes has added to their collections.  It has been his goal to train them up in Spiritual matters as well as with physical work skills.  We've believed that the main part of their training early on must be a love of work and an ability to work hard and to be diligent in work.  From an early age, our young boys learn to work on various jobs and have specific responsibilities.  When they demonstrate skill, Wes begins taking them along to work with him on days where they'd be able to contribute to the job. He's been determined to teach them skills that would enable them to work anywhere to earn a living when they're older.  Then, also, as the boys demonstrate trustworthiness and proficiency in work, he allows them to work for others (voluntarily or for hire) and continues to allow this unless there is a breakdown in trust or lack of seriousness or diligence becomes an issue.  It's generally not long before trust is regained and the young men are able to once again set out to work.  This work is valuable not only for their future, but it also requires them to wisely use time at home as they have their school work to complete as well.  This is great incentive to do both well!

Hope Chest Articles, Sites & Books

The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love
by Rebekah Wilson



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 May Your Hope Chest Be Filled With Hope And Wisdom 


Dear Handmaidens,
I remember when I was a newly-engaged girl, my mother and father provided a hope chest for me. We weren't very well off, but they acquired an old writing bureau which they kept in their bedroom for me as my own room was too small. This hope chest was filled gradually with all the usual things to ensure a well stocked home with crocks and linens.

But I found this was not its primary purpose for me. It became my focus and purpose in life- reminding me of the task ahead of becoming mistress of my own home. Each time I added something to it, it filled my soul with longing for the day of marriage and hope for the future. As I worked and saved for my wedding and new home, it became my anchor. Every kitchen article was added with dreams of me cooking delicious meals for my beloved. Each towel I folded filled me with visions of them flapping on the line and I would plan how to wash them properly and keep them soft and fluffy. Fluffy enough to wrap up my new baby after its bath. For every sheet and blanket focused me on the physical side of  marriage filling my heart with the promise of children conceived in love. As I added to my picnic ware, my mind would race imagining flying kites, feeding the ducks by the pond and country drives with my husband and children held great promise for me in that hope chest...and although mine was not a true hope chest- it was full of hope.

May your hope chest fill you with joy and hope- no matter what its actual appearance.  May it fill you with hope for the future as you keep your eyes on Jesus whilst He seeks out your future husband. Let this be a time of joyful preparation for your high calling as a future wife and mother.          


 Glenys Robyn Hicks


“Wisdom has built her house: she has hewn out her seven pillars”  Proverbs 9:1



Hope Chests and Plans

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Kathryn's poems to us... written on her eighteenth birthday

To Daddy
I used to be able to climb into my Daddy's lap,
whenever things weren't right.
I knew I was safe in his arms,
I could hand over to him my fight.

I'd lay my head on his shoulder,
thinking that nothing could come against me.
"My Daddy is the strongest, bravest, truest man,
there is no safer place for me to be."

The years flew by faster than I realized,
I often wonder how I got here.
What happened to the girl who always ran to her Daddy,
because she knew that with him, she would never fear?

She grew up without even knowing,
Though there are times she wishes still,
that she could be his baby girl again.
He has her heart and always will.

Can he ever truly know that he is her Hero?

~love, Kathryn
April 17, 2004


 To Mama

I got down on my knees to pray,
on this, my little girls big day.
It used to seem that the days went so slow,
but now I wonder, where did the time go?

"Oh God, did I give her enough of me?
Or is there a chance that there's more she could be?
This gift came at such a high price,
there was much I had to sacrifice…
But was it enough?

Sadness filled my heart
as I thought of the "my little girl" of yesterday,
though I always knew she couldn't stay.
Then God's peace washed over me,
as He gently brought me to see…

I've given her the tools she needs
 to be a mother,
and the love she needs
to be joined to another.
But the greatest thing I've given,
is a love for the One
by whom she's driven.
Jesus her Saviour,
the heartbeat of all she does.

Now I see I have taught her right,
she knows and is guided by Your Light.
I rise to face the awaiting day,
safely trusting, come what may.

~love Kathryn   April 17, 2004