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Dates & Romantic Getaways

Your marriage is an heirloom for your children: 
they will either model or reject;
and it will depend on the value you have placed on it
and instilled in them.

---pamela spurling


If you are not in the habit of going on dates with your husband, may I heartily suggest that you begin having a regular date night right away!!  You need this, your marriage needs this, and your children need for mama and daddy to be and stay in love!  Date nights and romantic getaway's are crucial! Even if your date is to the grocery store, to go for a walk,  to go for a drive or to actually go out for dinner, the best thing you can do is "invest" time in your marriage and with each other---I cannot tell you the blessing this will be!  Plan a date today!!

Some women think they don't need/want to get away... as if leaving the home makes a statement to the children or others that there is discontent being there or with them... but, O, this is not the case with one who seeks a date or time alone.  I cannot stress this strongly enough---a strong 'connection' between husband and wife is the best thing the children can know, experience and see modeled for them!  You are, in effect, teaching the younger ones how to be, and stay, in love.

You don't what you'd do or talk about on a date?  O, try a couple of dates and you'll be surprised *how much* you have to talk about.  PRAY!  Ask questions, talk about the LORD, do a Bible study, flirt with each-other, share your strengths, difficulties, dreams, desires; make plans for your home, your future, your goals.  Plan vacations, plan work, plan school... talk about the children... about them.  I hear so many people tell couples to go on a date and 'don't talk about the children' but how dumb is that?!?!  If you're a parent, then that's your life---or a major part of it, anyway!  Then talk about things that you're feeling nervous about, things you don't  understand, whatever's on your heart. 

Talk... just talk! 

Hold hands, be lovers... it's a blessed gift of security you can give your children... and you should! 

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If you have never been to a Bed and Breakfast, you really should look into staying at one for your next anniversary celebration!  Husbands and wives really need to take time away to be refreshed in their love and in their marriage... it's totally worth the time and money invested.