maybe this thought is brand new to you...   Maybe the whole idea of adoption
 is to you as foreign as the little children who have no place to call home and no one to call Daddy or Mama.

Adoption is not just about families who need children,  but it's about children who need families.

We received this note from friends that Wes met when he went with Troy to assist in picking up the children they
adopted from Liberia.  Jenny and her husband Brad have adopted 4 children from Liberia---theirs is a touching and
bittersweet story of how God provided, how He comforted them when one of the babies they had adopted died in Liberia. 
It's a story of God's mercy and provision as she returned home to the States with two of their adopted children
(along with another she was escorting for someone else!!) and how God mercifully blessed them and how He
sustained Brad as he returned to the States the following week with the other two---both very sick little babies. 

If you're interested in adoption or simply seek encouragement  to follow the LORD day by day, you can
read their story, her insights on life and God's Word by subscribing to her very
inspirational newsletter here.

This, from Jenny:   "Liberian Ministries is bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into a very interior part of the country,
as well as caring for orphans, providing medical care, Christian education, etc. Their focus is very evangelistic,
and they have a free DVD you can request to learn more. I just thought it might be nice to add their link for people
who want to care for the children of Liberia, spread the Gospel, but don't necessarily feel led to adopt."

Liberia Ministries

 The focus of  Liberia Ministries is "to Reach the nation of Liberia for Christ through a focus on the outlying villages.  Train the next generation of business, political and religious leaders of the country.  Build a strong friend of the United States of America."

more Liberia Links for you to view

West African Children Support Network
Established in 1995, WACSN is dedicated
to the rehabilitation of orphans
and abandoned children in West African
countries ravaged by war.

Acres of Hope
       And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.    Matthew 18.5

   African Children Fellowship International

Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries 
       Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries exists to impact eternity by encouraging the body of
       Christ to embrace adoption and foster parenting and support adoptive and foster families.
       You can write to Michelle Gardner who offers books and resources at their website.


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