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One of the ways to stretch your family budget (besides shopping at thrift, secondhand, or consignment shops) is to sew the things you can so that you are not needlessly spending extra money---even if your financial situation appears prosperous.  If you do not yet know how to sew, then talk to one of the ladies at the fabric store and tell her of your desire to learn to sew... ask her if she can recommend someone to help you learn...   OR, find a sewing machine to use and check out an instructional video and try a simple project such as a pillow case,  a hemmed towel,  and then later a simple dress...  you'll be so thankful for the ability to sew your own things.   There are also numerous books available for the beginning seamstress.  One good one is the Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework,   Also, sewing books, magazines and videos by Claire Shaeffer or Nancy Zieman.  There are countless more at the library and, again, any clerk at a fabric store would undoubtedly be glad to help you get started! 


You can try very simple projects at first... try buying 2 1/2  yards of flannel at the fabric store.  After washing it, iron it flat and cut the piece in half.  Iron a 1/8 inch "hem" all around the edge and then turn it again and iron again... you will have a completely finished edge that you can stitch down all around the edge.  Repeat this on the other piece of fabric. After stitching the two pieces, you will have two very pretty, and very well made receiving blankets that you can use for your child or give as a gift to a new mama.  ~OR~  You can also make that receiving blanket a double thickness baby blanket very simply by sewing the squares *right* sides *together* starting 1/3 of the way down one side: begin stitching 1/2 inch from the edge... continue sewing around the edges until you come to within 5 inches of where you began and stop there. Back-stitch about 1/4 inch and clip your thread.  Through the small opening, turn your fabric *right* side *out* taking care to pull the corners out (you can even poke the corners with a pencil to make sure they are smooth) and then iron the edge, taking care to "tuck in" the un-sewn portion and iron the seam edge.  All the fabric edges will be inside and sewn together---all you need to do to complete the blanket is to slip stitch that small portion closed; once done, you'll have a very nice, warm baby blanket.   For added beauty, you can go along the edge and top stitch with a simple running stitch or a decorative stitch... or stitch down braid or "ric-rac" or ribbon.

You can then move on @--;-------------
to making pillow cases,  aprons, book bags for library trips,  laundry bags, pillows, or table cloths and napkins which will save you so much money!!  Then you can move on to making yourself or your daughters pretty dresses & jumpers.  Not only will you look beautifully modest and feminine in your new dresses, you will have the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you made them yourself---this will be a blessing to your husband and the family budget as well ! 

If you are a little more experienced --- and I don't mean a "pro" seamstress, you can branch out to making new projects for your home... lap quilts, wall hangings, appliance covers, table cloths, curtains & draperies, bedskirts, quilts... and so on!  Fresh curtains or new pillows give a room a whole new look and are so, so easy to do!

You can sew so easy!!!  Make your sewing pleasurable by first getting your sewing area all tidied up and "organized" so that you will comfortably utilize your supplies.  LOOK here:

For *me* getting a rolling cart of (7-9) drawers was the answer to my sewing supplies dilemma. I can roll the cart over to the table while I sew and I have everything I need right at my fingertips. ~OR~ I can just take the thread, needles and scissors drawer over to the table and leave the cart in its place.


Here are some sewing sites
for patterns & instructions for projects you can make!
Also, this page Crafts 'n Crafts 'n Crafts!  is absolutely full of
links from Donna, who is always finding new craft sites and projects to do!!

Remember:  Links from these sites may or may not be conservative or "Christian" and, therefore, may have links or ideas you might feel are inappropriate. 
I just NEVER view titles I question and therefore have not viewed any objectionable sites at all---but, Please be wise.

Joann's has lots of ideas for projects and sewing & craft specials

 Hancock Fabrics has a project page full of ideas & instructions for you!   Fun gifts for you to make... scrunchies, half slip, etc. instructions, too!

Sew Sassy
Would you like to make a bra or Need help fitting one properly?

Do you enjoy heirloom sewing and smocking?  Here's a site that is full of beautiful ideas for you...  patterns, garments to smock, along with smocking supplies, laces, ribbons and trims.  Please see this beautiful site:

This is a neat site:
You can purchase ready-to-dye clothing, fabrics, scarves, etc.  It is such an interesting & instructional site!

Disclaimer:  The links from these sites to other sites *may* take you to very questionable sites---I do not blanketly   endorse the links----however, so far, I have never, in my limited viewing, come across objectionable material---but others have!!  
(O, little eyes, be careful what you see!)  (
a little spendy, but great!) (great nursing patterns!!!) 
And another site:

Ideas  For Crafts 'n More Crafts

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Printable Paper Dolls
Marilee's Paper Dolls

... into the kitchen
more kitchen crafts and gifts in our  Cooking Good Things Section!

For your pans, supplies & cake decorating needs, if you are not near a craft or kitchen shop, try this link:

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