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Child Training

Dear Dads & Mothers ~
We believe you're likely longing to have peaceful homes filled with happy, obedient children where the Word of God is taught and expressed in daily living.  This is the cry from the hearts of many who write us: a peaceful, Christian home.  This is probably the cry of -your- heart since you are reading this page: But how, LORD, how shall we do this? Well, I hope to encourage you in your parenting and to provide articles and resources that have really ministered to our hearts and I think they will to yours as well.   God bless you as you seek to train your children to know and love the LORD:  as you train up your children in the Way they should go.    

Sincerely, pamela

Pearls of Wisdom for Parents

Kegel.  You will never regret doing these pelvic exercises---but you will regret it if you don't.

more of our resource pages:   Family Home Schooling   and   Teaching Children at Home

Preparing Children to Cook With You in the Kitchen
pamela spurling

Five Kids And Peace
Elisabeth Elliot

The Basics of Child Training
Elizabeth (A Trip to the Woodshed)

Why Do I Have All These Kids
Beth Jones

Investing in Eternal Treasures
Glenys Hicks

Christian Mommies of Many Blessings
Here is a site that will help answer those questions you might be having and perhaps give you some answers you haven't needed yet!  It's wonderful for much more than just child training...  Here you go:

Raising Godly Tomatoes
Loving Parenting
With Only Occasional Trips to the Woodshed 


Decide for yourself::
The "Ezzo Method"  of parenting and child-training.

Another child-training technique


Raising Children who Love God and Others

Adapted from chapter 15 of Child Training Tips, Expanded Edition



Books and materials from

To Train Up A Child --  Michael Pearl

This book was truly an eye opener for us as
 we read it many, many years ago.  We used it as a resource for discipline -- we used it and didn't abuse it. 
If you get it, you'll get it. 
If you think there is no place for disciplining children, using reality discipline (consequences for not obeying) you will react negatively to this book.  Media is having a heyday with this book.  They miss the truth and twist the teaching.
That said, we DO NOT agree with every single idea... but who agrees with every idea a man puts forth?  So... read if you'd like and apply if you'd like but be wise in so doing.

We used to have To Train Up A Child posted here in its entirety, but we recommend that if you are interested in reading and understanding it, that you get the book and read it for yourself.  You *will* find useful information regarding child care and training. Naysayers or folks who haven't read it with understanding are rabid, thus, I won't answer letters regarding this book.

The Duties of Christian Parents
JC Ryle

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The Worst Enemy of Christian Children


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Kegel.  You will never regret doing these pelvic exercises---but you will regret it if you don't.   19992013   PO Box 923 Snohomish, Washington 98291 USA
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