THE way to LOSE weight and KEEP it OFF


I attribute successful weight loss to the elimination of BSF foods... butter-sugar-flour foods are killers to me.  I've not actually followed specifically the Atkins or Zone diets... but I probably best parallel them with my daily eating.  I say try going without any BSF foods for a week.  See your weight-loss.  Go without any BSF foods for another week.  See your weight-loss measured on the scale!! 

Go without any BSF foods for another week.  FEEL your weight-loss!!! 
You will lose weight.  You WILL feel better.

Every time you are tempted by or offered cookies

say, no thank you, I've had LOTS of cookies.
And I don't need them anymore.  They don't HELP me.

When you're tempted by or offered donuts

say, no thank you, I've had LOTS of donuts.
And I don't need them anymore.  They don't HELP me.

Every time you are tempted by or offered dessert

say, no thank you, I've had LOTS of desserts already.
And I don't need them anymore.  They don't HELP me.

and when you're offered chocolate

get out your hankie, wipe your tears and say,
no thank you, I've had LOTS of chocolate already.
I know I shouldn't need chocolate... and I really don't---
it really doesn't help me.

I'll have an Atkins bar or a Zone bar, thank you.
sniff... sniff.
and when you're offered a latté, say no thank you, I'll
have a cup of coffee with cream. 
(sniff... sniff)

10 Low-Carb Substitutions You'll Love
By Leanne Ely
Special to eDiets

1. Faux-tatoes Anyone? Who says you can't have your potato and eat, it too? You can when you switch mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower! Simply steam up a whole head of cauliflower until it is tender. Now, add some cream cheese, butter and salt and pepper. Whir it up in the blender or food processor. This is so good, you're gonna wish you had made this sooner!

2. Going Crackers. So what if saltines are verboten? Genisoy brand crackers are delicious and work well for snacking up a storm. And, check this out lest you think I've lost my low carb footing: there are only 12 grams of fat in the 25 crackers they give you per serving! So, eat half and you're still in the low carb ballpark. They're available in a variety of flavors and can be had at well-stocked grocery stores and health food stores.

3. Chips Ahoy! Chips are a snacker's divine right. Or, so we seem to think. But, if you're low carbing, they're a carbohydrate nightmare. Tortilla Factory has solved that problem with a great tasting low carb tortilla. Try the garlic herb tortillas! Cut them into triangles, spray with some oil and crisp up in the oven (about 425 degrees F, for about 7 minutes). Best of all, there are only 3 net carbs per tortilla!

4. It Hasta be Pasta! A simple substitute for the oft-craved pasta is spaghetti squash. It truly does have a nice nutty flavor. Top it with a meaty spaghetti sauce and some grated Parmesan for an Italian feast. It may not be fettucine, but it sure looks like angel hair!

5. Chocoholic's Relief. There are low carb chocolates and then there is Asher's Peanut Butter Truffle bar. Available at GNC, this thing has only ONE net carb and will save you from a Reese's regret later.

6. Panned Cakes. Thought you were doomed to skipping a stack of 'cakes forever? The brand to get is Low Carb Success in the gold, shiny bag -- only 3 net carbs per pancake! Try the butter pecan flavor. You don't even need syrup! I got my mix at the health food store, but it is available online as well.

7. Give Me Some Sugar. Most low carb eaters point to the many-splendored benefits of Splenda. But, give me xylitol any day of the week. How many sweeteners do you know that have already been researched to show no ill side effects, are non-controversial and actually help prevent cavities? Xylitol does all that and tastes just like sugar to boot. Check out xylitol.org

8. Soy the Sauce. If flour is taboo and cornstarch too, whatcha gonna do when you need to thicken up a gravy or sauce? Try using a little soy flour in its place. Soy flour is low in carbs and will do the job regular old flour will do. Say no to the white stuff and oh boy to soy!

9. Beg for the Roots. Turn that around to be rutabagas. Come on… who do you know that actually buys and eats rutabagas? You will when you see how wonderful these tubers do as a quick stand-in for traditional potatoes in stews and soups. No one will know the difference.

10. Cereal Killer. There are loads of low carb cereals available now. While they might be a little on the expensive side, they're well worth the cost -- especially if you're missing a bowl of something crunchy or hot in the morning. A personal favorite is Flax-O-Meal, available in a variety of flavors and in both cold and hot varieties.

Going low carb needn't take you away from your favorite foods. Just perhaps change them around a bit. Now that you have a handy list of what to get instead, head to the store and get shopping -- your excuses are gone!

Leanne Ely is a nutritionist, the author of several cookbooks and the editor of Menu-Mailer. If dinner is a hassle at your house, you need Menu-Mailer. Go to http://www.menumailer.net to get your menu and check out the new low carb menu while you're there.

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