Celebrations & Special Occasions

Families love traditions and most families have lots of things that would be considered: Tradition! though they may not have realized how many things they do because "that's the way we've always done it."

 Those are the things that make up: Tradition!    If your family doesn't really have any real "family traditions," then why not begin some traditions *this year.*   You may even want to begin by starting a
journal where you record some past memories and some thoughts on what you'd like to see in your home and in the lives of your children/family.

Perhaps this year, choose something you'd like to do as a family as an annual event or tradition.  Remember, your children will hold these things in their hearts and these are the days that they'll look back on when they begin their family traditions.  These are the things they'll look back on.  Will they look back on your home and family life with a warm tender heart of joy-filled memories?   Or, will they look back on frustration, regret, frenzy and dread?  Will you give them today something they can carry into all their tomorrows?  Will you begin building the foundation they can build on?  Remember they'll not likely remember all that you did in your home... but they will remember how it felt there. 

This is a simple way to begin doing the things you always wanted to do:  choose an activity or a reading or an outing that you will do each year at Thanksgiving time.  Choose a special dinner menu item or a dessert item that you'll make each year.   Sometimes, the most outlandish thing will become the memory maker---the memory keeper for your family.    Everyone's got things they especially like around "Holiday Time" and if you go around and ask your family members, you'll be surprised at just how many things are really "keepers" to them.  Especially, ASK YOUR HUSBAND:  what makes Thanksgiving special to you?  You'll be wise to take note and duplicate and implement his ideas and ideals.  He's got all sorts of memories locked in his heart. Why not seek to bless him with more sweet memories or why not fill his heart with sweet memories from now on if his earlier experiences weren't the best!

You are the hert of your home... be sweet to your family. 
They need you.

Our Recipes

This time of year, we do lots of baking and have often wondered (or figured out through trial and error how well things "keep" and how long they can be stored, refrigerated, or frozen.  Here's a website that will likely answer any question you have.

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Special Occasions                                 

Russian Cream!  A must for special occasions.  Sort of like Jell-O, sort of like pudding, sort of like cream---it's smooth and just delicious!  You make in a mold, set in fridge for several hours and then to serve, you "unmold it" onto a plate, and serve with a fruit sauce or fresh fruits.