What's Happening in or to the church today?  Are "churches" following the Biblical model and mandate for the called out or "peculiar people" as the Word defines followers of Christ?

Is the "church" today following Jesus?

Are all the programs, "conversations" and all the books, seminars and ways according to the Word of God?  Is Jesus central and is The Bible central to all that transpires in the church today?   If not... who are they following?  And on what foundation is the "church" standing?


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Some real worthwhile reading...

The [heretical] Shack
͏  ShackHeresy  
  ͏  Shack Attack
- one more house church disaster
͏   More Books and Things   
sad thing, Pastors endorsing 'the shack.'

The "emergent" church... and the "emergent conversation..." 
The role of emergents and the emergent players

"For me, the beginning of sharing my faith with people began by throwing out Christianity and embracing Christian spirituality, a nonpolitical mysterious system that can be experienced but not explained."—Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz, p. 115

"I must add, though, that I don't believe making disciples must equal making adherents to the Christian religion. It may be advisable in many (not all!) circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain within their Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish contexts."Brian McLaren (leader of the Emerging Church movement), author of
A Generous Orthodoxy

"I'm not talking about a religion this morning. You may be Catholic or Protestant or Buddhist or Baptist or Muslim or Mormon or Jewish, or you may have no religion at all. I'm not interested in your religious background. Because God did not create the universe for us to have religion."Rick Warren, September 2005, United Nations, Interfaith Prayer Breakfast to 100 World Delegates, Listen to entire transcript. (Right click, then choose "Open in New Window." Wait for file to load. It might take a few minutes.)


Dr. Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel

The Church is Changing, What is Emerging Part 1
The Church is Changing, What is Emerging Part 2
The Church is Changing, What is Emerging Part 3
The Church is Changing, What is Emerging Part 4

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart
from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;"
1Timothy 4.1-2 

An e-Book: In The Name of Purpose Sacrificing Truth on the Alter of Unity
Wood and

Discernment Ministries

Light House Trails :

The Office of the Pastor

Church Growth Gone Mad Clay Miller

Behaviour or Disease, Purpose Driven,
Trusting God or Testing Him?

a collection of GREAT writers
commentary on "the church" today

The new Spiritual formation

The Emergent Delusion

Kingdom Theology part 1 Albert James Dager
Kingdom Theology part 2 Albert James Dager
Kingdom Theology part 3 Albert James Dager

Compromise and Pragmatism

The Rise of Reckless Faith John MacArthur

The War Against Reason John MacArthur

How the "PURPOSE DRIVEN" philosophy has mishandled the "purpose" of the Scriptures

Simplicity in Christ (corrected link)

A Critique by W.B. Hayward,  editor of Despatch


Five Streams of the Emerging Church
Scot McKnight

Dealing with Resisters Berit Kjos

Transforming the Church
The Patriotist - Paul Proctor
The Purpose Driven Life - Paul Proctor

The Shepherding Movement Comes of Age -
Leslie Discernment Newsletter

What Message is The Message?

Is The Message God's Word?   NEW - March '05

The Living Bible: Blessing or Curse?  
David Cloud  -  NEW - March '05

The Gospel: A Method or a Message?
How the Purpose Driven Life Obscures the Gospel 
by Bob DeWaay

The Market-Driven Church:
A Look Behind the Scenes - Gary E. Gilley


DOCTRINE DIVIDES... good doctrine DIVIDES heresy and truth.
 1Timothy 4.6
If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.   19992011   PO Box 2130 Snohomish, Washington 98291 USA
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