The November Flood of 2006


Here you see what these numbers meant to us.


The flood meant a lot of things to a lot of people.  For some, it was a thrill to watch and for others it meant devastation, heartache and tremendous loss.  For still others, it meant a mess, an inconvenience, long waits in traffic and annoying or annoyed drivers.  For many, it meant postponing plans and waiting and waiting.  For Amelia, the flood meant that her little table got carried away... but in her sweet innocence, she saw it as the great opportunity we had to go to a vacation house for the week.  I had many people ask if we got all our valuables out of the house in time and I continually answered, yes, we did.  We have nine children still living at home and yes, we had them all with us.  The other things are really inconsequential when you consider what's really important in life--it's sure not all the stuff.  We saw how quickly things can change in a matter of hours.  The flood waters never actually touched our home and for that we are extremely grateful and do praise the LORD for His mercy.  He is great and greatly to be praised.  And if it had been the whole house and not just the table that got carried away, He would still be great and greatly to be praised.  He alone is to be exalted and praised.


on Tuesday and then on Wednesday afternoon.