Summertime Home Notes:
I am working on making up a summer schedule. I read about this earlier and thought I'd  work on this so that we won't have aimless days. Having a schedule and following a set of comfortable routines will keep the house in order and neat.
 I have a hard time working in the heat of the summers here so I need to set my schedule up to get as much done early in the morning or late in the evening as possible! So, I am working on this and keeping a list of all the summer projects I need to fit in and all of that.
I have already determined that these things need to be put into action:
?   raised bed on the side of the house filled up and filled in.
?   lawn mowing schedule... plant watering...porch cleaned on plans for extended up for an outside table and chair set.
?   Work on new -for the season- dailies, weeklies & monthly jobs. Work on summer chore charts for the kids/family.
There are many more things to add but that is what I have down to start with!
You might want to consider making up a plan for the days of your summer, too!

Tip for making your home smell SenseSational:
"Lather in Loveliness"
Before crawling into bed at night,
clean your body by lathering up with scented soap and rinsing in a quick hot shower
or a long warm bath.
Top yourself off with a sprinkle of favorite scented bath powder.
-Terry Willits-
A prayer by Marjorie Holmes on making beds:
     Dear Lord (or maybe His mother) please help me to learn the simple secrets of making a bed. However I try, there are always these bumps and wrinkles, or something's trailing, and the pillows never quite match. But even if I never do learn, let me be conscious of how lucky I am to have these comfortable beds.
     Thank You that my children aren't sleeping on ragged quilts on a floor, or on straw in a mud hut. Or huddling like animals on city streets, as hordes of people still do.
     God, surely all mankind is equally dear to You. I don't know why millions of Your children are doomed to live in wants, while the rest of us have it so good. I know that You don't will it so, yet Your world is bitterly unfair.
     Have pity on them, Lord. Bless all your creatures. Wherever a man, woman or child, or even an animal lies down tonight, let him be warm, let him be comfortable. Bless his rest.
     Meanwhile, forgive my foolish fussing as I struggle with this bed.
     Thank You for the good mattress, the crisp white sheets, the nubby blankets, the lovely spread, Thank You that I am physically able to see them, feel them, and despite a few bumps and wrinkles, cope with them.
     Thank You for the task and the trial and the privilege of making beds.
-Marjorie Holmes, "I've Got to Talk To Somebody, God"-
+ __________________+ __________________________+________________________+
Laundry Line
Here are some guidelines for making balanced wash loads:
?        Small - 1/3 full, loosely loaded
?        Medium - 1/3 to 1/2 full, loosely loaded
?        Large - 1/2 to 3/4 full, loosely loaded
?        Extra-Large - 3/4 to completely full, loosely loaded
-Cheryl Mendelson, "Home Comforts"-

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