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        there is hope and there is healing for
      your past childhood sexual abuse

There is light and hope
for brighter tomorrows.


A journey in rethinking what we know as "church."

What a phenomenal journey it is to walk with the LORD and when, on the journey, you begin to see things you've never seen before, the resulting emotion can sometimes be overwhelming!  Such is the case, here, lately.   Incredible as it is, we're seeing more and more of a picture we've never seen before!  It's as if a fog is lifting and we're seeing things in a new light.  The church--- the church doesn't need a revival---it needs reformation!  The great Reformation did give something incredible: it gave people the Word and the opportunity to experience the grace of God through faith in the LORD Jesus---but it also gave them a model that's not described in the New Testament---a model that's remained and is yet going through changes in recent years!  What we're seeing now is the dramatic need for reformation---the need to examine the 'church' and how it functions and how it *ought* to function. 

It's risky to throw out new ideas---people are offended by ideas different than their customary ways of doing things.   In fact---we, as Christians can be very very critical and down-right mean when we feel our ways are challenged---when our sacred cows are 'attacked.'  But what I'm talking about isn't an attack---it's a realization that's unsealing all my tightly held beliefs and crushing down my high-places.  This is radical thinking---but contrary to some people's beliefs, it's real and true and right and it's right in the Word in black and white.   This  reformation would shake denominational hierarchies and authorities and shake the pillars and rock the foundations.  

Once you start seeing this, you can never return to walking the way you've been walking---when you start seeing the blueprint of the New Testament and you realize you would reject violations to Scriptural mandates, you must soon reject violations of the 'blue-prints' too.  What are the blue prints to which I refer?  The gathering of the saints and the fellowship of the brethren and the ways of Acts. 



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