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Ways to say "I Love You" this Father’s Day 
pamela spurling

There are several "free ways" to say "I love you" this Father’s Day! And, there is a gift you can give your husband that will bless him and bless your family and that is the gift of being the woman God’s called you to be.  A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband!  Get your husband’s  crown all polished up… and be his glory!

Proverbs 12.4   A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband:
but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

1Corinthians 11.7   For a man indeed ought not to cover his head,
forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman
is the glory of the man.

Gifts don't have to come in packages with tissue and ribbon to make them special.  You can think of many additions to this list that will fit your  husband or perhaps some for your father, but here are some suggestions to spur you on.

A neat and tidy home is a blessing to every man.  A happy and contented wife is a sweet fragrance, but as we read in Proverbs, a contentious woman is like a continual dripping on a rainy day.  It’s not a “happy”  that depends on circumstances or possessions or feelings, it’s a joy  that comes from a heart yielded to God.  That’s the happy wife that is a blessing and a crown to her husband.

So, gifts for Father’s Day: 

Time...  your time is valuable---give some of it away, and you will be amazed at how much you will get back!!

Take some time to think about your husband; think about his life, his responsibilities, his needs.  Take some time to reflect on the person he is and is becoming.  In prayer, go before the LORD and thank Him for the man who is your provider and protector.

Are there errands he needs you to take care of?

Are there things he has been wishing to have accomplished around the
home that you and/or you and the children could do?  If you have lots of  children, that means lots of things can be accomplished in very little time!

Are there things that he has been wanting to tackle but his shop or
tools are in disarray... maybe you could do a *little* straightening. DO NOT GET RID OF HIS STUFF!  Straightening does not mean tossing!

Does he have a regular designated place to put his personal things when he gets home from work?  A designated place to read the mail,  check his messages, set his things, keys, phone, etc?

Could you set up such a place for him and then "guard it" for him?

Other good things....
Order up his closet. 
Take a look at his shoes, belts and ties... do they need cleaning or repairing? Shoes can washed off, polished, repaired, new lacings,
new insoles added.

Ties can be mended, and or cleaned. Suits can be inspected, buttons reinforced, seams mended and then cleaned.

Jeans or slacks can be ironed, mended, pockets reinforced, hemmed. Order up his drawers pair up the socks and neaten the rows of socks,  underwear, tee-shirts, etc. Do any of them need mending or replacing?

Refold shorts, shirts, sweaters.........but leave everything alone!!

Neaten up his work area...  (I caution against actually moving *any* thing or throwing
*any*thing away!)

Neaten the work bench, sweep the floor... Generally, just a basic tidy up is motivating to anyone!

Have some of his tools "walked away?" Try to find them and put them away.

Tidy up his den or office... again---please don't throw anything away... Years ago, I learned the hard way that my helpfulness is NOT helpful sometimes!  Just imagine him cleaning the craft drawers or your stamping or sewing drawers.  Or think of him going through your desk and just getting rid of those old cards or pieces of stationary.  Just imagine him getting rid of all those needless scraps! Think of him getting rid of those seeming little bits of Sculpey clay in those little packages or those “useless” 12” pieces of ribbon or all those old worn out doilies or whatever you treasure. This would *not* be helpful to me--- or to you, I imagine!

Maybe he needs his computer cleaned, desk dusted, floor vacuumed and windows washed... simple things are so refreshing!

Maybe you have left some of *your* things on his desk or in his way... just tidy them up, put them away... it will speak volumes.

Does he need paper, envelopes, stamps, rubberbands, paperclips?

New file folders... or labels?  Does he need for you  to run to the Post Office for him?

My husband has a pretty jar of peanut M&M's on his desk... I try to keep this filled... his visitors like it, too!  I just filled it up for  him and he smiled!  

Thoroughly wash, clean and vacuum his work vehicle inside and out. 

You might consider adding things he needs... Does he need quarters for parking?  Duct tape!don't laugh... it has probably gotten him out of many a jam!   Tissues?  A garbage container? This would be for men whose whole floor is not used for the garbage receptacle ;-)  Does he need a new Thomas Guide? New area maps? A small phone-book for the truck?

There are different foods that could be kept in the car in a small Rubbermaid box ---if he spends much of the time on the road and doesn't eat regularly (cereal bars, protein bars, fruit juice, dried fruit, peanuts, etc.).

Maybe he'd like a new book, tablet, pens/pencils, a magazine subscription; 
a newsletter...  Maybe an e-mail newsletter or an E-zine you think he'd like.  Does he need a new razor or a shaver?  Do the blades simply need  to be replaced?

Does he need a battery charger for his phone?
Batteries for the camera?

Does he need walkie-talkies?
How about one of those fabulous bright flashlights?
Does he need anything replaced in his first-aid kit?

Does his tape recorder or flash light need batteries?

Plant a tree in his honor... I know, an orchard or a forest of trees
wouldn't be enough!

Make stepping stones with the children's handprints in them... for the garden.

If he plays music or likes to listen to music... perhaps he'd like a new CD
or tape... sheet music to
a favourite song or hymn... tickets to a movie or play (?)...   a harmonica... something for his guitar....

Make his favorite dinner...

Make his favorite snack...
     Let him do the BBQ-ing if that's what gives him pleasure!
     Let him take a nap if that pleases him more!

Take him on a picnic!
Take him for a drive... buy him an ice cream cone or a blizzard!
Get the family together and take a picture... get the film developed and then frame a picture to set on his desk to remind him of this Father's Day...

Like the determination to be the woman God designed you to be, perhaps t
he best gift you might give your husband is a new dedication to loving him... really loving him as the LORD would have you to do.  Be done with bitterness; put off those things that have been entangling you.  Let old disappointments and disagreements slip away... give them over to the LORD.... let the LORD take care of the disappointments and let the LORD fill those voids with new love for your husband and/or father. By giving him a letter of sincere appreciation written in your hand, you would be giving a treasure and reaping a blessing in return.

May the LORD richly bless you as you serve.........

 And may God Bless the fathers... the real heroes.

 pamela spurling 2004   19992010   PO Box 2130 Snohomish, Washington 98291 USA
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