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Why am I a Mommy?
a message for Mama's of boys...  by pamela spurling


Why am I a mommy, you ask?

You're a mommy so that you can teach that little one to know Jesus... so that he can see the Bible translated... so that he can hear how to sing praise songs to the LORD... so that you can receive dandelion bouquets and sloppy kisses... so that you can wash the feet of Jesus by washing a little bottom or face... so that you can discover other
languages: baby talk, or the language of boys playing... so that you can learn to enjoy and then even miss the smell of sour milk or dried food on your sleeve and shoulder...

You're a mommy so that you can call the repairman only to find a Lego is the culprit behind your broken washing machine... so that you can be there to console the member of the losing team... so that you can watch food disappear... so that you can learn to mend broken hearts, broken vases, broken plates, broken windows, and broken dreams... so that you can love your husband and teach that little one how to love his wife someday... so that you can go without sleep or a meal or a new dress or a weekend away---you have a little one who needs something more... so that you can be the first one to ride in the new car of a proud teenager... so that you can learn how to face heartache and trust in the LORD...

You're a mommy so that you can be the first to notice the need for deodorant and shaving cream and razor... so that you can lose sleep waiting for the car to pull down the lane---late again... so that you can laugh at that joke for the umpteenth time... so the you can wipe off fingerprints from ceilings and doorframes... so that you can learn bravery by pulling things out of an old backpack... so that you can learn to be a good sport about water balloon tosses... so that you can assure him his voice will change and won't always sound crackly... so that you can see your husband's younger self all over again...

You're a mommy so that you can learn to be the "other woman" in your son's life... so that you can learn to wave good bye... so that you can light the candle that will be extinguished after he lights the unity candle with his new bride...and so that you can anticipate with him the birth of his first child with an expectancy greater than you have ever known.

You're a mommy because the LORD loves you so much that He wanted to
teach you to pray...

That's why you're a mommy.

---pamela spurling  ~ The Welcome Home ~ 2000/2001-2003    19992010   PO Box 2130 Snohomish, Washington 98291 USA
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