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A Joyful Wife… What a Gift! 
pamela spurling

Are you careful and troubled about many things?

 Have you ever lamented that you just can’t figure out what gift to buy or make your husband for Christmas?  Maybe your family doesn’t actually celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense or maybe gift-giving isn’t part of your celebrations.  Or, maybe, your family does celebrate with decorating, gift giving, parties and special foods.  Whichever way it goes for you—even if you don’t actually exchange presents—chances are that you annually face that conundrum of what to get for your husband. 

 I know that I so often wish I could buy this or that thing for my husband or that I had sewn something special for him but the days whisk by, and in the midst of all the everyday needs, somehow things I really wanted to do don’t get done.  Then I regret and often that regret or remorse obscures what’s really important or what’s really needful. 

There’s a wonderful thing that seems to be a secret or something that fails to be acknowledged as an amply sufficient and worthy gift and that’s a gift of service.  Now, by this, I don’t mean promises of service or “service coupons” or other ways people say they’ll serve, but a genuine act of service with the intent to be lavishly pleasing and fulfilling a need or desire.  I don’t know any husband who wouldn’t be pleased by a wife’s genuine gift of service—helpful work or act of kindness.   Remember: kindness is an attribute we want to acquire and aspire to use or emanate.  In Proverbs 31 we see this marvelous quality in the virtuous woman: (26-28)

 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue
is the law of kindness.  She looketh well to the ways of her household,
and eateth not the bread of idleness.  Her children arise up,
and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

Kindness mustn’t be reserved for an occasional act.  Kindness is a way of living and therefore it’s something we need to aspire to emulate.  So how does this play into gift giving?  It’s a kindness for a wife to look well to the ways of her household and it’s a kindness for her to anticipate the needs of her household and more, it’s a blessing when a wife looks for ways to fulfill needs and even unspoken requests.  More, it’s a blessing to a husband for a wife to not put off doing those things that most help her husband.  So, this Christmas, think of a gift that you can give your husband that would bless him beyond words.  Think of things that he has been hoping you’ll take care of or things he needs to have done but they’ve been put off for whatever reason.  Think of ways you might pamper him—being lavish with your time and attention focused specifically on him.  Spend time in prayer… resting at the feet of the LORD.  He will direct your path and your preparations.

You might think (as many women do) if you do all this “attending” to your husband, what’ll be in it for you?  Will he come to expect you to act like this all the time?  Will he take advantage of your loving generosity?  You may be thinking of your own excuses right about now—you might even be recalling times you did special things and you weren’t appreciated.  Think of this:  what if you were to love your husband as unto the LORD? What if you were to bless him as unto the LORD (and as the LORD has blessed you!)?  You may want to be attentive to him but there are so many things to do… so many places to go and so many commitments.  You might be troubled about many things. 1 Peter 3.1-5 will be a source of great inspiration and encouragement to you. 

In the days ahead you might consider your modus operandi, your tendencies when special occasions near and consider (for the sake of your family) how you tend to react.  Do you tend to angrily bark orders?  Do you tend to murmur about what you have to do and how little help (or time) you have to accomplish it all?

You know, sort of like Martha getting all caught up in the serving—the cooking, cleaning, preparations and… murmuring about it all.  We know that in that case, Jesus was lovingly addressing her need—aware that she was troubled about many things, he assured her that only one thing was needed: she needed to *rest* in the LORD and attend to hearing His Word.

Women are often quick to point out that if she hadn’t done all the needful things, who would have??  *Someone * needs to do the work.  Sure they do, and Jesus actually acknowledged that by showing awareness of her troubles but He was also showing her that what she was doing was *troubling* her and was not done in restful adoration or service to Him.  Mary’s actions were in adoration and service—it’s just that when someone is sitting at the feet of Jesus it might seem to others to be a waste of time and yet, if done in sincerity and in truth, that sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing His Word will be of great value.  The benefit of that time spent sitting at the feet of Jesus hearing His Word, will be reflected in the time of serving.  Instead of being troubled and careful about many things, you will have chosen that good part—remember? that part that can’t be taken away. 

So when you’re going about the preparations and serving, let it be seen in you that you have chosen the good part: that you have been sitting at the feet of Jesus, hearing His Word.  That good part won’t be taken from you and you’ll be giving your husband and family one of the best gifts of all: a wife whose price is far above rubies.

 A joyful wife… what a gift.


many blessings,
        `·.¸.·´pamela spurling … joyful about quite a lot.  © 2006   © 19992010   PO Box 2130 Snohomish, Washington 98291 USA
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