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When Faith Wavers

Many times in our lives, we’ll face situations or circumstances that shake our faith or test our resolve to remain fully yielded to the LORD.  These situations or circumstances may happen in an instant — perhaps without warning and faith is suddenly tested.  That, or faith may waver over a period of sustained stress or in a series of disappointments or grief.  All of these are testings of faith.  So, what do we do when we face a testing of our faith and, more importantly, what do we do when faith wavers?

Oftentimes when we face trials or have a testing of our faith, our faith in the LORD is actually strengthened and our resolve to stand firm is increased.  These sorts of experiences begin with what are referred to in James as the trying of our faith: “Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.” — James 1.3  We’re exhorted to “count it all joy” in these times of testing and trying and that this “trying of our faith” is working in us the character of Christ and that patience perfects us to that character. 

The other day in my Bible study I was writing out Matthew 7 and came to the passage describing doing the will of the LORD as the wise man did or not doing the will of the LORD as the foolish man did.  And as I was writing, I realized that the rain is like trials we face or testings of our faith.  When we’re yielded to the LORD and obeying all He’s made known to us, then when the rains (or trails) come, we’re secure because we’ve been building on the rock---our security is on the Rock.  But if we’re going it alone or doing things our way, then when the rains (or trials) come, we have no foundation and great is the fall of our life or of our faith.

 I know that the building of a life on the secure foundation of Christ requires faith and in faith, our resolve to stand on that foundation is increased every time the foundation is tested.  But this faith isn’t something we muster or conjure up, rather, this faith is a gift of the LORD and therefore, the testings or the trying of our faith must then also be from the LORD or allowed by the LORD.  Therefore, when He brings a testing of our faith or allows a trial in our lives, we can also know that He will provide all that’s needed to accomplish, overcome or face each trial or testing.  He will sustain and guide as we seek Him.

You’ve likely heard women say that the LORD will not give us anything we cannot handle.  Well, surely if that were true, then why would we need or even depend on the LORD?  So then, in reality, in and of ourselves, we can do nothing — but in faith, Christ being our provider and sustainer, we not only face, but also go through, endure and overcome in life’s trials.  He is our sufficiency –nothing in and of ourselves can save us, deliver us or carry us through---truly, nothing but faith in Jesus.  And as we read on in James, we see that He will deliver us or hear us or provide for us as we trust in Him.   When that rain comes and the winds beat against our house, we stand firm because we’ve built on the rock and the house built on the rock doesn’t fall.

 You may be smiling because you agree with what I’ve written.  You could have written this yourself.  And then you might be saying: but what about when our faith wavers — not falls, but wavers?  I know what you mean – I hear what you’re asking.  My faith has wavered many times through the years and likely will many more times.  You know what I do when faith wavers?  I look into the Word.   I just open the Word and begin reading — or, I might begin where I left off at the initial wavering of faith (when things didn’t appear so bleak).  This may be hours or days later.  I go in and meet the LORD.  And you know what?  Every time — every time without fail — the LORD is already there.  He’s already been waiting beside my rocking chair and He’s there when I open the Word.  There has never been a time that He failed to be there ---before--- me.

 I pick up my pen and I begin to write.  And even when I am pouring my heart of disappointment, my heart of questions, regrets, shame, pride, loss, gluttony, envy, bitterness — whatever the matter happens to be: He is already there.  He cannot be anything but: there.  The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, Sovereign God is always faithful —I am not — He is!  And all those regrets, all those disappointments, fears, losses, sins of omission or sins of commission are laid at His feet.  And His living Word is like a stream of water that washes over my soul and His promises are shown or proven to be real, efficacious, true and precious.  Every time.  At no time will you find it to be otherwise.  In faith, nothing wavering: you will see Him there.  You will find Him faithful in His Word.  He can be nothing else.

So, do this: if you’re wavering in your faith… do this: meet Him in the Word.  I don’t care where you’re at, what’s going on, what’s happening in your home, your life, your marriage, with your children, with waywards, with debt, with loss, with sickness, with bitterness, with past abuse, with present fears — whatever it is, wherever you are, whatever you’re dealing with: meet Him in the Word.  Meet Him in the Word and keep on meeting Him.  You will never – never – never find a time where He will not be there first.  O, taste and see that the LORD is good.  He is good — His ways are good.  Build your house on the rock.  When the storms come and the winds beat upon your house, you will see: the house built on the Rock will stand.

 God bless you as you seek to stand firm in Him.



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