In Praise Of Dorcas


Dorcas rose whilst it was still very dark

Her lamps brightly shining like the sun.

With grace she labored tirelessly

Until her house was done.


Then satisfied that all therein was well

She stretched her hand to the poor,

In acts of kindness and charity

Whilst keeping watch of all.


With compassion for the poor widows

She sewed tunics and robes and such,

Showing the virtues of a godly woman

With acts of charity and love.


No gossiping or idleness she indulged in

To waste away her precious time,

She sewed those garments skillfully

Keeping the widows’ needs in mind.


So wonderful was this woman’s kindnesses,

At her untimely death she was so sadly mourned,

That God used His servant Peter to raise her up

And to those she loved, she was restored.



Based on Acts 9:36-43



Glenys Robyn Hicks 2005


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