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People who do not know the Lord ask why in the world we waste our lives as missionaries.
They forget that they too are expending their lives ... and when the bubble has burst,
they will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted." 
--- Nate Saint

 Timothy's Letters & Photos 
from tarkwa,  ghana - west africa

samuel and timothy in Accra
Timothy enjoys a chocolate chip cookie Naomi made for Samuel to carry in to him.  Samuel now joins Timothy as a missionary in Ghana.
timothy and grace in sawla
Timothy and his favourite little girl in the Northern Region 2009

Timothy's Miracle (written by Timothy's mama and followed by a copy of a letter to the Shield of Faith mission written by Timothy)

A letter from Timothy's ma after he was home from the hospital in the US - August 19, 2010
* A new tract for Ghana - I Will Build My Church
   Timothy - January 29, 2010
* Samuel arrives in Accra January 22, 2010
* What is the LORD doing in Ghana? 
    a missionary update letter from Timothy - January 17, 2010
* Letter: November 17, 2009
* Letter: August 1, 2009

A note sent on May 12, 2009 (printed below)

The second trip to the Northern Region -- Wa and Sawla
March 27-May 8, 2009  (Photos here)

A letter following the trip to the Northern Region
- march 18, 2009

A letter of praise for/from malaria  - march 10, 2009
An update - February 27, 2009

Hello Eskimos!  December 25th, 2008
Open Doors for Preaching - October 9, 2008

Update from Ghana - October 1, 2008

timothy smock tribal chief[We received this letter from Timothy a week before he returned to the States: May 12, 2009]

Greetings to all the saints!

We have returned from the north, praise God! Instead of giving a long update i am going to be lazy and just wait a week for when i come home.. if you wouldn't mind?

In short, we had a wonderful time! The Lord really undertook for us and did a great work. We are very pleases with the 7 that finished the course. More details and stories later;)

As far as my health is concerned, I am alive!! I'm still pretty tired from the typhoid. Yesterday i woke up actually feeling like i had slept! So i gingerly went outside and did a little yard work.. found out when i woke up this morning, i shouldn't have done that=)
So back to resting today! I finish my meds today, then shortly before my departure i will get another blood test to see if it's cleared up.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Looking forward with tremendous excitement to seeing you all next week!  God bless you all--especially the newest Chapman arrival ;)

He is coming soon! --tim

P.s.  Little someting to chew on! At the close of his book, "Will the real heretics please stand up?" Bercot writes:

"So what does this all mean for us? For me it meant that i needed to face up to the early Christians! Perhaps that is something we all need to do. For the most part we bible-believing christians simply ignore the early Christians. We rarely talk about them in our churches and we disregard their writings.

Our stance reminds me of the position of the Pharisees took towards John the Baptist. When the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus by asking him where his authority came from, he responded by asking them where John had received his authority. The pharisees huddled, saying among themselves "if we say from 'from heaven' he will say to us, 'then why did you not believe him?' but if we say "from men," we fear the multitude, for all count John as a prophet." So they ended up answering Jesus "we do not know!" (Matthew 21:25-27.)

Our approach to early Christians is very similar. We can't say their beliefs and lifestyles were correct, because then we would have to acknowledge that our lifestyles and many of our beliefs are not. On the other hand we really don't want to accuse them of being heretics, because we can't deny their unconquerable faith and genuine christian love. Furthermore, if we say they were heretics, we would have to admit our New Testament cannon was assembled by heretics. So like the Pharisees, we refuse to take a position. We simply ignore the early Christians, as if we can somehow make them disappear by paying no attention to them. But ignoring them doesn't change the historical truths to which they bear witness."

Very challenging book i would recommend everyone take the time to thoughtfully read it.


timonorthernregionNews in Brief:

Photos of July Baptism's in Ghana... Timothy's great blessing to baptize these believers.  A new letter has been attached to this page of photos! (july 20, 2008)

Timothy has written another article:  Definition of a Christian

update July 08
The second training school has just completed studies and Timothy had the honour of baptizing a few of the students.
Pictures to follow.  Below are a couple of recent photos... fun with machetes.

timothy's thumb injury - July 7, 2008

Timothy had an unfortunate run in with a machete and cut his thumb pretty deep.  Seems once again the blood loss triggered a fainting spell and Timothy passed out.  Things are looking better now, he says...
timothy's thumb injury

Timothy's letter - June 13th 2008

Great Harvest in the Volta May 20, 2008

*Update 4/9 Timothy's doing well after a fall that resulted in a wound requiring stitches.  Thank you for your prayers and support on his behalf.    *Update - March 2, Timothy wrote, in part, "... Just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support!  My brief stint with malaria is over and the Lord has restored me back to 105%, praise the Lord.  Please pray as we have begun to go out into the city on Saturdays preaching the gospel, the people have been very open and interested.  Thank the Lord our work around the place is coming to a finish and gradually we will be able to go out and evangelize more and more."  And then he said: "Hate is a strong word--but when it comes to malaria it's just not strong enough! ;)"   Update 2/28: We'd like to ask you to pray for Timothy, for health and strength as he has malaria - though he says is is already  improving with strong malaria medicine.  Thank you for your prayers, for your concern and support.  All are very much appreciated.]]

recent photos

Timothy says,  this really is His Vision ;)_____________________________________________________________________________
January 2008

1AM - too tired to sleep"  Ever the clever Timothy... totally relating to the Ghanaians

[nearly two years later, Timothy tells us he was absolutely unable to sleep very much in his first weeks in Africa.  Everything was so new and different, from the weather, to the food, lodging, language and locale. He did hundreds of hours of tedious work at first to get himself acclimated to the culture and life as a missionary there in Ghana.]

  Yeah, pretty much Ghanaian ;) "
Timothy's room - in progress.  It will eventually be a
'boys dorm' when the mission's school is underway.

Timothy made friends quickly and learned where to shop and what to buy.  Now, two years later, he's very accustomed to the area.

  The big move into our new place! In Africa you
  don't ride *in* the moving van, you ride *on* it ;) "

  Typical walking path"

  A picture of a house just behind ours, where a real family lives and will be sleeping tonight. No running water, no
electricity, no indoor plumbing, barely any food and
money and you can hardly call that a roof. You see these
all over Ghana especially in the smaller villages..."

    The internet cafe is quite a long walk..   I started
    out with socks and shoes  and arrived like this!"  :o)

  Straight up: African "
Timothy is carrying water on his head.  It's actually a large bag of smaller bags of water for drinking and cooking and rinsing dishes.  The other water they use is from a well and they get it in buckets.  It's for "showering" and washing.

My good friend fellow and soldier
in the painting battle!"


This is their new home and facility for His Vision Mission
the missionary training & Bible school in Tarkwa, Ghana

Timothy says: “The power went out the other night.”


(Timothy's letters will now be posted individually)


Monday, January 21, 2008
(pictures of the apartment that is being built for the missionaries... this is where Timothy will live )

locked out of the kitchen.  Timothy prays for water.
(I told him it looks very nice.  He says, yes, it does... and then he says, looks can be deceiving.)

( and this room is being completed - where the students will attend classes.)

A local man prepares their meals at his home.  And a dinner guest... "they're everywhere!"

Timothy says you can get a passport photo in 2 minutes and he got a driver's license, too.
(I had to include this photo he sent: "Unto Your Hands Jesus" reads the lettering
on the back of the car in front of them.  Timothy said he smiled.

Timothy said the streets were filled with people and pandemonium when the Ghana team
won the first match of the African Cup of Nations - football (soccer type) tournament game!
Timothy was practically knocked over as he took pictures and became sort of a spectacle himself...
as the only blond in that crowd - and taking pictures!!




Timothy and the Lucas's arriving in Tarkwa, Ghana... A long, hot ride in an extremely packed little car.

These were the earliest notes we received when Timothy first arrived in Ghana.........

Monday, January 14, 2008
Timothy says he  ...is warming to a little Guinness Malta action..
It’s sorta refreshing if you like a thick molasses oatmeal flavor ;) "

So, I'm wondering:  Will  replace Timothy's beverage of choice   ??

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hey Mom! 

How are you doing?  Things are going well here..   Sorry for so few letters, we are in the process of getting our housing situation all figured out, and with that is the internet situation as well! 

Anyway, this is the second time I have typed this =)  We are here at the internet cafe we finally found.  We were here for a few minutes and the power to the city shut off for a bit.  We were about ready to go home but just in time it came back on!  

We have running water for only a few hours of the day.  I have been getting used to taking showers out of a bucket with a cup.  Nice cold refreshing showers--no hot water, which is fine!  The other day we hadn't had water all day, and we were all wanting to take showers and flush the toilet.  So I decided I would just walk down a ways to the well and get a bucket or two of water.  I had just gotten back to the house and--of course--the water came on=)  (We are staying in a third story apartment.)  

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well!  I love you very much and miss you as well.  I'll write more later!!  --tim "

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey Mom! 

Arrived safely here in Tarkwa yesterday, praise the Lord.  Just have a minute here so this will be short, sorry!  

Turns out they don't speak as much English as expected!  So my new friend Fredrickson, aka Fee, (because he was born on Friday... by the way, what was the day of the week I was born on?) 

The city isn't as I thought either!  But it's good nonetheless and I love it already!

 I will tell you more later but must go for now. Love you very much!!  Tell the family I love them and miss them as well. --tim  "

Goodbye to Timothy at the Portland International Airport in the USA


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