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                        Am I Willing to Obey

                             by Tamera Eaton 1999

1) Am I hesitant to obey God when it requires deviating from what my family, friends, and neighbors think?

2) Am I willing to sacrifice time and availability to the
family to provide material pleasures?

3) Does my sense of self-worth depend on where I live, what I drive, how I'm dressed or the job I hold?

4) Do I justify wrong decisions (i.e. purchases, children's friends, activities, entertainment) by minimizing their negative effect and saying, "Everyone else is doing it?"

5) Am I willing to compromise godly standards of discipline and training of the children because "it's just too much work"?

6) Am I hesitant to deprive the children of certain potentially negative relationships and activities because they may feel left out of their peer group or because we fear their rejection?


                            Tamera Eaton 1999