Six Great Tips from Older Women

Some happily married older women shared the following wise words. May I suggest if you're not already putting these principles into practice in your home that you start right away and ask the Lord to help you? It will make a difference in your life! --Tamara

1. "My own behavior, not my husband's is all that I am responsible for before God."

2. "Anyone can make demands. It takes a strong person to spend time satisfying another person's needs."

3. "I am a daughter of the King" (See Ephesians 1:4,5)

4. "If I am sullen and grouchy at home, but gracious and friendly at church, work, and the garden club, there is something wrong in my life and I need to ask God to show me how to correct it."

 5. "I must not allow my good attitude to depend on something or somebody. It is ridiculous for a born-again woman to allow her happiness to depend on such erratic things as how a three-year old behaves today; whether or not a husband is cranky or friendly; or if there is enough money to pay every bill. My attitude should be dependent only on a continuing, stable relationship with God, who loves me and provides for me at all times, night and day, no matter what."

6. "I cannot excuse my bad nature or habits by telling others, 'That is just the way I am.' There is no place in the Bible that condones crabbiness, persistent hostility, stubbornness, nasty tempers, impatience, unkindness, negativeness, quarrelsomeness, or lack of self-control, no matter how they were acquired or how deprived my childhood was."

--From _400 Creative Ways to Say I Love You_ by Alice Chapman

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