Can you learn to rise while it is yet night?
pamela spurling

You may say, Oh, I am not a morning person... I need my sleep... I
cannot get up before my family, etc., etc.  This may be true... to an
extent... but in the next few weeks could you join me in changing a
few areas in our lives... could you join me in getting outta bed
before the family,  working on our housekeeping, and learning to be a
bit more organized each day...

For this week, let's tackle the early rising.

Let's learn to be teachable...let's try saying:  I have not been a
"morning person" *up to now,*  however... the LORD is our strength.
He is our life.  He calls us to live in obedience to Him.  He is a God
of order... He makes the sun come up and He sets it.  I have come to
believe there is great blessing for women who rise early.  A greater
blessing for women who don't say it won't work... just as I believe
there is great blessing in choosing joy.  I believe the LORD will give
special joy and grace to obey when a woman turns from her way... and
follows Him.

Now, the changing of our internal clocks may take time... you remember
that I suggest to women who correspond with me that they go to bed
five minutes earlier each day and rise five minutes earlier each
morning--- doing this every day until a proper wake up time is
reached.  Then, I suggest sticking to this every single day including
Sunday's for a month... after this, a habit will have been established
and the routine will be comfortable---even joyful.  If you will rise
up to meet the LORD, He will raise you up.  You have heard me say that
this is extremely difficult for me as well... I prefer to stay up
late... but you know, the Bible never suggests that late retiring is
wise, nor does it suggest that it is beneficial.  But we can read
numerous times about early rising and the wisdom of meeting the LORD.
So, like I have suggested on several occasions, seek the LORD... cry
out to Him.  Allow Him to tap you on the shoulder and coax you out of
your cozy bed.  Establish an early time to sit with Him each morning.
Pick a special spot and meet Him there... pray and sing and read his
Word, His precious letter to you.  Learn to keep a journal of these
times... You will find after a short while that this treasured time is
time you will guard and you will keep.  Just like your lover you
cannot bear to miss... conversation you cannot wait to have... food
you are starving to taste... water you are thirsting to drink... the
Living water from the rich Well of God's Word.

May the LORD bless and fill your home with His Love.

pamela spurling ~ The Welcome Home ~